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Choose a 10-inch Android tablet and not limited to the spring 2016, the high price segment –





The last time we evaluated ten-android-tablet среднего price segment (13 000 – 19 000 rubles). The picture stood out sad: manufacturers are reluctant to release new models, besides most of them cut down on the characteristics and of no interest to the discerning user.

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But at least you can pick up a decent machine in a more expensive segment? In our new Haidee we look at the big plates of top-class cost 19-30 thousand rubles. Among these models not only Android, but also on iOS, and Windows.

Recall that in addition to the mid-range of solutions mentioned above, we have already dealt with the средне-бюджетным segment (8000 – 13 000 rubles), as well as the самыми options available (8 000).



Apple iPad Air

Today we start with all the familiar device, which in this case is not an android-tablet. However, Apple iPad Air is a strong competitor expensive models on Android. It is about the Apple iPad Air the first generation, which was released in the already distant 2013.

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There is hardly any sense to consider in detail the Apple iPad Air technical parameters. Firstly, the users of this tablet to have no case. Second, despite its age, it used a piece of iron still do a good job with his work. We note only that the US tablet is equipped with a dual-core chip from Apple A7 chatsotoy 1.3 GHz and 1GB of RAM.

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The Apple iPad Air uses a high quality display with a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels. In addition he is a proud manufacturer and modest unit weight – 469 grams (thanks to this plate and got Air prefix).

The original Apple iPad Air iOS 7 went on, it is available today for the latest version of iOS 9.2.1.

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In Russia, the younger version of Apple iPad Air with 16GB of non-expandable storage and Wi-Fi is 29 000 rubles.

ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL

In recent years, a host of tablets ASUS ZenPad series, and the maze of model indexes is not always easy to understand. For example, two weeks ago, when we looked at the price of 10-inch 8-13 thousand tablets, we mentioned ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CG . Currently, such a device is 12 000, and it is remarkable the use of fresh system-on-chip Intel Atom x3-C3230.

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To distinguish a much more expensive model ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL very difficult. In fact, the manufacturer used the same chassis. It turns out that the devices 12 and 24 thousand rubles look exactly the same. It is unlikely that buyers expensive version of it will be delighted, although generally on the measures in its class ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL has quite adequate appearance. The housing is made of plastic, and the back side simulates the rough texture of embossing leather.

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The ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL also used screen diagonal of 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Identical even the amount of RAM (2 GB), and the capacity of the battery (18 Wh). So for that double the price difference? Two positions: more powerful, though, and the older Intel Atom Z3560 processor with a very good integrated graphics PowerVR G6430, as well as clip-on keyboard. In nature, there is also a version of the ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300CL without a docking station, but in Russia it is not supplied.

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ASUS ZenPad 10 ZD300CL with 16 GB of internal memory (you can also insert a microSD card up to 128GB) worth 23,000 rubles. Version 32 GB is more expensive at 1 000. In the end, recommend such a model can be for those who work a lot with the text, or to pay for the keyboard there is no one meaning.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet February 10

Most of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet line models it is possible to recognize the image production. This is for several reasons: the use of nice finishing materials, the presence of unusual chips and considerable price. All this is typical for Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 October.

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This model is not new: it was presented in October 2014. But what to do if an update series of Lenovo Yoga Tablet is uneven. And it’s not so much in terms of how many products in the ever-changing policies. If the Lenovo Yoga Tablet February 10 at the time pleased adequate filling, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet March 10 already refers to the more low-end segment and has unpretentious processor and only 1 GB of RAM. About this model we discussed in прошлый time .

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Inside the Lenovo Yoga Tablet February 10 mounted quad Intel Atom Z3745 (1.33 GHz) with GPU Intel HD Graphics, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of non-volatile memory. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1200 pixels. The tablet got two cameras: 8.0 megapixel and 1.6. Battery traditionally pleases: its capacity is 9600 mAh.

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In a review of Lenovo Yoga Tablet February 10 , we could only find fault with the camera. The rest of this interesting device, but soon he was already banging two years.


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