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Unknown Android: who’s who of the most popular team in the world of mobile platforms –

 Every report from IDC confirms Android market leadership in mobile platforms. In the December press release market research firm pointed out that the share of the mobile platform market in 2015 was 81.2%, and by 2019 is projected to rise to 82.6%.


 Start listing the terms of the success of the best low-cost devices and loyal conditions for producers who choose Android as a base for their phones and tablets. It is difficult to overestimate the role version Lollipop, new visual standard Material Design and distribution of brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and ZTE with their budget devices. Even the new iPhone models, or beyond the control of Google custom firmware does not affect the positions of Android is critical. While iOS – the embodiment of stability, Android – the leader in growth.


 I wonder why the majority of the owners of Nexus, Samsung, HTC, LG, and the above-mentioned Chinese brands unknown people, whose product they use every day. Thanks to Apple marketing strategy planet lives a life of its top managers: their names, style of dress and sexual orientation known even to those who do not need it, but Jobs did and become like a god.


 Life as apologists and Android enthusiasts remain a sealed book, which is only slightly ajar passionaries from the developer community. This material is designed to answer the question: who are they, “big heads» Android, notable as much as Jobs, Wozniak, Cook and Ive.


Andy Rubin




 In 1985, the father of the genre of “cyberpunk” William Gibson experienced creative paranoia, his debut book “Neuromancer” was only half ready, and a new film by Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” could undermine the career of the young writer. Fearing that the tape would be better to work, Gibson went to the show and left him in horror, when fears were confirmed. Time quickly showed that two visionary approach to the same things can coexist.


 Andy Rubin also biting his elbows when in 2007
 I watched the presentation of the first iPhone model. By the time he was four years as he was a co-founder of Android, where he worked under the cover of secrecy over something more than just a phone. In the middle of the zero concept sounded intriguing Rubin: “This mobile device must be aware of the whereabouts of the owner and his preferences.”


 In people who have decided to say a new word in the world of mobile technology, it has been a solid background is. In addition to Rubin, the company consisted of the core Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. Miner was among the founders of the company Wildfire Communications, which gave impetus to the idea of ​​voice interfaces in general and Siri – in particular. Nick Sears served as vice president of product user mobile operator T-Mobile, Chris White also worked at Microsoft on the design and interface technologies MSN TV, formerly known as WebTV.


 The career path of Rubin sometimes paradoxical. It started from the position of robotics in the German company for the production of industrial and consumer products Zeiss AG. Then it was like a Swiss company, where Rubin, he said, and would work more quietly and happily. But the plans of the woman intervened, though a stranger.


 In 1989, Rubin vacationing in the Cayman Islands. Walking along the coast, he
 I stumbled upon the sleeping man – it was an Apple employee Bill Caswell, whose girlfriend during an argument expelled from their cottage. Rubin proved hospitable host, a quid pro quo – and now Andy Rubin is already working on future competitors. This is where he was called Android – for boundless love for robots.


 People from near surroundings Rubin say that the robots – it’s Andy Rubin and Andy Rubin – are robots. Robots – an important part of the personality Rubin, they surround it and at work and at home. Guests Andy
 meets retinal scanner (camera recognizes a person’s iris – Ed.)., which opens the door only to those who are in its database. The rest deal with the call: press a button, and the mechanical arm hammer strikes the bell, located in the lobby. What for? Just Rubin can. Interest in advanced techniques in Ruby settled quite early: his father was engaged in sales of electronic devices and their individual copies settled in Andy’s room immediately after the shooting for catalogs.


 When Rubin worked at Apple, the company was at the peak of success with its Macintosh II, and with the participation of Rubin was created shifted their generation Quadra and made the first attempts to create modem software data encryption and error elimination. In 1990, Apple launched the division of General Magic, where Rubin worked as an engineer from 1992 to 1995. From the offices of General Magic went not been a favorite operating system for portable computers Magic Cap. By
 According to one of his colleagues Rubin, it’s too ahead of time to find success and users.


 Rubin and his engineer’s obsession with iron looked among the digital-business in Silicon Valley, as a dinosaur. Some tricks though they were witty, but irritated the authorities: as an engineer at Apple, Rubin
 reprogrammed internal telephone company line so that an incoming call to the IT department allegedly done by the executive director, offering employees special department of the stock grants.


 Other tricks of the employer could do too much. When Rubin worked in the MSN TV, he assembled the robot with a webcam and a microphone in his hand, which is idly wandered around the office, eavesdropping and spying on employees. The robot is connected to the Internet, and once hackers broke into the computer, which it served. From Microsoft leaks of insider information was only saved by the fact that the attackers did not occur on the computer has video shooting options. Nevertheless, the security service told Ruby to remove the robot from the eyes away. After this incident, robotics has received from colleagues cult status.


 At the turn of the millennium, when others were massive belt buckles fake stones and precious metals, the Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page
 fastened to his belt a new gadget, like a bar of soap. He had a retractable screen with a small klaviaturkoy, he was able to go online, send instant messages and an email, and search engine Google was in it by default. It seemed that you wear on your belt desktop.


 In 2002, this device was in the whole elite of Silicon Valley. It was called The Danger Hiptop and was the world’s first smartphone. Has it led by Andy Rubin, the company Danger. name Ruby
 taken from pop culture: in the TV series “Lost in Space” was a character with caterpillar legs, hands and corrugated glass head, which signaled the dangers of words’ Danger! Danger! ‘. Of course, this was a robot.


 This period was a turning point for Rubin in assessing its role in the project. Rubin began to learn to build a business development strategy and think as a manager. Later I came with the operator T-Mobile rebranded under the name Hiptop Sidekick. The novelty was first implemented a contract approach to sales, which later
 borrowed from Apple and AT & amp; T.


 In 2004, Danger Board of Directors decided to find a new head of the company. By the time Rubin to work in this company has exhausted itself, so that the withdrawal took place without scandals. But Ruby is still dreaming of a new generation of smartphones. Thus began the active phase of the life of the second company Ruby – Android.


 First, based on Android
 It planned to produce digital cameras, but the software market outlook for the mobile phones were much more tempting. The money to run Rubin was not, but they are required as soon as possible, and Andy found an investor in the person of ex-colleagues WebTV Steve Perlman. Received financial support made it possible to Rubin and his colleagues to move to an office in Palo Alto.


 Investors continue to search, and Ruby thought his potential interest in the product have people from Samsung – then the largest phone manufacturer. When the team arrived at the vendor’s office in Seoul, Rubin
 He outlined his idea of ​​two dozen leaders. His pitch crowned deathly silence, disturbed by the rhetorical question of one of the representatives of Samsung: how eight people can change the mobile market, and in general, if not under the Ruby high. It was two weeks before Larry Page offered Rubin not only financing, but the place on Google. The union took place in July 2005.


 As co-founder of Android Nick Sears recalls, each of them four were convinced of the importance of open platforms
 , in the case of consumer products. People close to the Google, said that the idea was cultivated initially: we present the technology to manufacturers of mobile phones, that will serve as an invitation for developers and content distributors to do under the platform of anything, and significantly accelerate the pace of development. At the time of the filing Google Microsoft thought of as a company that can only copy the idea, but do not generate them.


 Rubin moved away from Google Affairs gradually. In March 2013, Larry Page
 I reported in the Google blog about the achievements of the company over the years and the success of the former head of Android development department and wished success in the work on a new project of Google, whose name was not called. Later it turned out that Ruby is preparing for a breakthrough in industrial robotics. In particular, on his initiative ecosystem Google has been enriched by Boston Dynamics and Titan Aerospace. At the end of October 2014 Rubin finally resigned from Google. No pressure on the part of the company – a simple desire to move on.


 Today Rubin is in charge of Playground Global, a business incubator for the financial, technical and advisory support to start-ups. These include, for example, such companies: Subpac, which produces a worn under vests, transmitting the low-frequency content of the music that listens to the owner of the jacket, into his body; CastAR, manufacturer augmented reality headsets; MeetOwl, developing videoconferencing system.


 The company, made up of former employees of Google, Apple and General Magic, plans to become a central supply base for software and accessories for technologies based on artificial intelligence. And they will be available not only for startups – participants of venture capital financing, – and in general for all.


Sundar Pichai




 Vacuum left following the departure of Rubin’s Android, immediately filled. March 13 Google CEO Larry Page has left the company’s blog wishes Andy Rubin and greeted the new head of Android – it became Sundar Pichai, a native of India.


 Programmers Hindu and code become meme: remember serials IT-crowd and “The Big Bang Theory.” The authors of “Silicon Valley” beat this stereotype in their own way, including in the plot programmer Pakistani Dinesh Chugtaya. Stereotypes from scratch are not born in July 2013 Computer World magazine
 estimated number of developers in different countries, and India, with its 2.75 million was second only to the US, where the number of programmers has reached approximately 3.6 million. Next to the current rates – forecasts to “catch up and overtake.”


 Sundar Pichai, the talented Indian, took the place of general director of Android, and later – Google. Pichai was born in Chennai in southern India, which is associated with the future of the country – the industrial, technological, intellectual. In Chennai opened its headquarters large automotive corporations and international banks, it employs technology parks and IT centers.


 Sundar’s father was an electrical engineer at General Electric Company and managed the factory for the production of electrical parts, and his mother worked before the birth of her son stenographer. Also Sundar has a younger brother. By the standards of India Pichai family
 It belonged to the middle class: one-bedroom apartment, the monthly prosperity in 3000 rupees and the ability to save money. Although the father and worked in the British techno-conglomerate, Sundar was not surrounded by advanced electronics, but the father treated with enthusiastic interest.


 At school, Sundar had no luck with the achievers of history and geography, but in the disciplines he had few equals. Another strong point was his cricket, and commanded by Sundar school team
 He won several regional competitions.


 When Sundar was 12 years old rotary phone appeared in his house, through which he developed a photographic memory. His uncle
 recalls one typical episode: in the presence of Sundara, he asked his wife to write down a phone number of a friend – the wife forgot to fulfill the request, but Sundar exactly reproduced the room a few months later. The boy did not see in this skill nothing useful. The outdoor games and flirting with classmates benefit was even smaller, so all the entertainment he preferred to study. Even rickshaw cart, drove him to school, he was sitting with a book.


 If the school to be an excellent student Sundar prevented humanities, the Indian Technical Institute, he was already in place. He received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in the specialty “Metallurgy” and became a Fellow at Stanford University. To buy tickets to his son in the United States, the father took the family to account all the money – an amount more than twice his annual income. “My parents did the same as everyone else’s parents at the time. They put their lives on the fact that their children were educated, “-
 Pichai said in a Bloomberg interview in 2014.


 Education Sundar went up the hill, but there was a slight collapse in his personal life. More Indian Technical Institute he met his future wife, Anjali. Recalls university environment Sundar tactic behavior with the opposite sex was given to him much harder than later was given the post of the head of Google. Everything went well, but in the US commodity prices struck Sundar, and he realized that he could not pull the two. They later reunited Anjali.


 To the surprise of parents, Stanford Pichai left, got a job as an engineer and product manager at Applied Materials – Plant for the production of capacitors in Silicon Valley. For a long time he did not stay there and entered the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Pichai came out in 2002 with a master’s degree in business administration and worked at an international consulting company McKinsey & amp; Company.


 When Google April 1st 2004 Sundar invited for an interview, he thought it was a joke. The results of the negotiations satisfied Larry Page and Sundar was appointed vice president of product management. A small team running Pichai began to develop add-on for Google Toolbar browser, Pichai and later saw this tool for the idea of ​​its own browser from Google.


 Eric Schmidt, CEO at the time, rejected the idea,
 citing the high cost of implementation. But Page and Brin plan Pichaya impressed. Google Chrome was introduced in 2008. Opened the possibility of pushing Pichaya to new solutions, which have become Chrome OS Chromebook laptop and media player Chromecast.


 While Pichai showed miracles of enthusiasm and earned the trust of every person in Google, by his subordinates before the founding of the company, Rubin is ripe to get away to a secret division of Google. Pichai took the baton. For all the variety of tasks – Chrome browser and the operating system line of products and services, Google Search, Google Maps, Google+, Google Apps and others – the appointment as head of Android has been a serious challenge. From Sundar expect much and expectations were met.


  Is he
 ends Ruby version of KitKat and Lollipop developed entirely under his authority. When Page and Brin founded Holding Alphabet, the successor of choice for Page, shifted by the time Schmidt was obvious. In August 2015 Sundar was appointed general director of Google.


 Perhaps this decision affected by repeated attempts to “skhantit” Indians who have taken other companies. In 2011, Twitter
 He made the first approach to Pichai, offering him the post of the head of the product. Google defended its vice-president – was claimed not to disclose a source of significantly raising his salary. In 2015, company representatives promised Pichai already the position of CEO, which could hardly seduce him, given the deplorable situation of Twitter at the time. Between these two cases Pichai name sounded among the contenders for the post of the head of Microsoft, instead of the past in 2013, Steve Ballmer.


 Paige has apparently decided to make a strategic move for reassurance and kept Pichai, set him in a chair instead of the Director General himself. There is no limit neighbors and teachers pride which surrounded him 40 years ago in India.


Hiroshi Lokhaymer




 In October 2015 the new head of Android has become Hiroshi Lokhaymer. Half Japanese, half-German, Lokhaymer to 18 years
 I lived in Tokyo, and in 1993 came to the US for admission to Rice University in Houston. Texas was not a friendly place, and the profession of architect turned out to be unattractive. Instead of training Lokhaymer spent time in the computer lab, where he charmed the local computer based on Unix. Faced with the new world of computer technology, Hiroshi had dropped out and returned to Tokyo to master programming.
































































































































































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