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Select the emulator OC Android for Windows: BlueStacks and Droid4X –





The operating system Android is so popular on smartphones and tablets that many users would like to see it in their PC. If not as a core, at least in the form of additional or providing its support through the emulator. After all, it has a lot of games and programs, and indeed the OS easy to use, does not require pre-knack. This is remarkable, and the Android system.

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This review will focus on the two most popular applications, emulators: BlueStacks and Droid4X. The first program was almost a pioneer in this category, but its main feature is the ease of installation and use, broad application support, and overall optimization of the Android software code. In Droid4X fundamentally different concept. It implements the principle of maximum similarity with the mobile device, practically no effect on the interface, and provides us with all kinds of delights “naked” system.

As the test equipment used laptop Lenovo Y510p (Intel Core i5-4200M 2500 GHz, the GT 755 SLI with 2 GB of memory, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB of the HDD, the display of 1920 x 1080, OC Windows 10).



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. «BlueStacks 2 – c us for 130 million Android users» This is the slogan invites potential users on the official website. Popularity – is, of course, is good, but more specific description would be more appropriate. Therefore, we will make an introductory description of themselves.

BlueStacks – is a unique simulator OC Android, which contains its own shell and a number of software features to simplify our interaction with PCs and devices without a touch screen and a variety of sensors in particular.

Promotional video of the emulator BlueStacks:


Getting Started


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Setting emulator BlueStacks made using classic offline installer. In the early going unpacking the files, then the process of configuring and installing. We specify the path of the application, tick the installation of additional elements, such as a virtual application store and forward.

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By the way, the size of the installation file of 260 MB, and the whole process on an average gadget does not take three minutes.

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Then run the emulator itself, and we find ourselves in his fiefdom. In windowed mode, the app has a fixed size and can not be scaled. At the same time, about 10% of the area of ​​the emulator employs a variety of buttons, for example, on the left we have the following keys: Changing the orientation of the “shake”, the creation of screenshots, the location view, install apk file, access the file manager, clipboard, sound system and a certificate. Top is located a mini task manager, as well as access to settings and controls.

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But in the full-screen mode becomes unavailable sidebar. The upper right pane is not removed in any way that afflicts.

BlueStacks is based on OC Android 4.4.2, which is installed on top of a proprietary shell. It simplifies our interaction with you with the computer, because android is optimized for touch screens. By the way, if your laptop has a touch screen, it will be maintained – checked.

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Fixed the “launcher” can be replaced, you can use skins APEX, Nova and other (by the way, you can read our reviews launcher). The main screen is presented with categories of applications, the first – a recently opened applications and search, and the rest – displaying banners of popular applications from Google Play. Menu with all applications not changed.

Interacting with the emulator and the applications that run our BlueStacks, carried out either by the keyboard and using the mouse, trackpad, and other input devices.

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If some programs and games have problems, and you know that the developers really love poizgolyatsya in their projects, adding nemerenoe number buttons or accelerometer control. In this case there is an advanced key management, which is responsible for touch, crosspiece control, swipe, tilt, and much more. If necessary, you can bind a click on a certain area of ​​a specific key. It’s nice that the developers have taken care of all the emulator usage scenarios.

In addition, we have the support of cameras and peripherals, as well as compatible applications with ARM and x86 architecture.

Test Application


What emulator created? That’s right, to test the operating system, in this case OC Android, and its lion’s share is based on various games and programs. That’s just running games and programs, we are going to do in this section. Especially for the test, we have picked up a number of applications that will run on all subjects.

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The first application will be the “popular” game – Angry Birds 2. With work of this game there is no problem: everything is beautiful, very fast and very playable. The Riptide GP can play, but the execution of tricks, by which charge a vital bonuses impossible.

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But with WOT Blitz Errors occur frequently, then the game will hang when downloading internal files, unpacking … I do not exclude that if a separate download cache and install it, then everything will work fine, but you have to izgalyatsya with all sorts of ” dance and tambourine. ” The conclusion is the following: if you really want, you can play, but not in all.

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Program is less choosy and do not have control of intricate, so everything is fine with them. For example, flipping the same Instagram and Google Photos on the big screen is a pleasure.



BlueStacks pretty well optimized for the PC. Minimum requirements consist of OC Windows XP, the processor is not older Intel Pentium IV and 1 GB RAM. True to this configuration, nor do not have to rely on any game. You must add an additional 1 GB of RAM and a graphics card with Open GL 2.0 support. Yes, all of the computers from 2008 correspond to the above requirements, but many emulators android put on a very old and abandoned time machine.

Of course we are concerned about the performance on which we can rely. It consists not only of the power of our components, but also depends on the application-specific optimization piece of iron. For example, the notebook has two Nvidia GT 755 graphics card in my configuration, that is, they operate in SLI mode, although appropriate support this technology here.

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To OC Android have different benchmarks, so let’s run anything, for example, AnTuTun. This test showed a result in 67 thousand balls, which is a good thing … It is interesting that in the characteristics we have declared processor Ti Omap, and the device is referred to as the GT-N7100, ie Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Coincidence? I do not think.

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The very emulator with a pair of running applications consume about 400 MB of RAM, of course, is in direct proportion to the amount depends on the number of running applications. The total load of the player on the BlueStacks i5-4200M, is 20-25%, subject to 8 working processes.

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BlueStacks – a quality emulator OC Android, which copes with all tasks without any complaints. In terms of design, interaction with the system, functions and even the installation of this program has no equal. There are all conditions for the comfort of users.

It is worth noting the fact that BlueStacks is not free. Every day, we need to set the “sponsored application” or pay $ 2 per month (or $ 24 per year – no discount). By the way, the emulator exists for Apple computers running Mac OSX or later. “Apple” version of the program, we did not consider, however briefly to announce its presence.

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BlueStacks for Windows-based devices
from the official website


Developer BlueStacks.
Cost FREE. Install applications,
or $ 2 / month.
Requirements Microsoft Windows XP and later. Processor from Intel Pentium IV, 1 GB of RAM and 512 MB of video.


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