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Number of users of the Android OS has reached 1.4 billion – Economy News

Print mobile device running Google’s Android OS are 1.4 billion people around the world. This indicator increased by 400 million relative to May 2014 This information shared Chrome head Sundar Pichai and Android.

According to a top manager, the audience is Android growing largely due to developing countries, such as Indonesia and Vietnam. In these markets, the number of owners of Android-devices has doubled in a year, and many of them have purchased a smartphone for the first time.

A lot of working on Android mobile devices using unlicensed Google version of the platform, in which there is no key services Internet giant (Gmail , corporate search engine, Google Play Store, and so on. n.). Especially a lot of these products are sold in China, which Google had left five years ago. Despite this, there are more than 1 billion people who use the store Google Play Store at least once in the last 30 days, said Pichai.

Citing statistics, he also said that every day in the world activated about 30 thousand. new notebooks based on Chrome OS, most of them in American schools. Currently, more than 10 thousand. Companies are testing a corporate version of Android – Android for Work, said the representative of Google.

Meanwhile, in relation to another Google launched an antitrust investigation. US authorities suspect the company of unlawfully restricting access to competitors to OS Android. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and US Department of Justice joined together to investigate, during which employees were interviewed several competing companies Google. They complained that on the Android Google Inc. devotes its own service key place, hurting other manufacturers.

The investigation is at an early stage, and there is a chance that it will end without charge.


This Antimonopoly check against Google is now underway in Europe. It threatens us in a fine of $ 5 billion, which corresponds to approximately 10% of revenue. Such large sums of penalties for violations of the laws of fair competition in Europe has ever had. The final decision on the case shall be made before the end of 2015.

Recall that Google’s revenue for the II quarter excluding traffic acquisition costs (ex-TAC) was $ 14.35 billion, adjusted earnings per share – $ 6 99, which was above expectations of analysts had forecast $ 6.70 with ex-TAC-revenue in the amount of $ 14,27.

For Google, this is the first fiscal quarter with the new head of financial service – Ruth Porat, who commented on Results as follows: “The results for the II quarter reflects the positive growth of our products, primarily basic categories: search, where it is necessary to allocate the mobile unit, as well as advertising on YouTube. We are focused on new opportunities in a wide range of services. And we do it with eye on a reasonable allocation of resources “.

The former Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat, passed over to Google in May this year, organized by the audit company expenses. In I quarter of this year, the staff of Google employees rose in 1819, an increase to 55 419 employees. This is the slowest growth of state companies in 2013.


BlackBerry has shown official photos of Android-slider Priv – Ferra

Last week, confirmed the upcoming release of BlackBerry Android-Priv slider in its financial report, then head of the company showed the device to Canadian television. Now the company has published on its website in a section with a blog official images of this interesting smartphone.

Let’s remind, previously known under the codename BlackBerry Venice, the smartphone has received the name from the word “privacy” (konfidentsiaolnost in English.). It is now made in a rare form factor of the vertical slider with a hardware QWERTY-keyboard. In addition, the model should be the first BlackBerry smartphone-based mobile operating system Android.


Android learned to read the minds of their users – Omsk city portal

Speaking at a San Francisco Google presentation was announced release date of the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Smartphone LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P, as well as set-top boxes Chromecast, as reported « The Verge ».

The developers of the new version of Android OS does not focus on visual design, the main work was carried out “under the hood”. The main functional enhancements is worth mentioning the new settings saving and innovation, called Now on Tap, which allows you to search for required information within applications, in particular, it can be very useful in the messenger. In Android 6.0 fingerprint scanner has a weighty value at the system level, acting as an alternative to enter a password or PIN-code.

The new operating system will analyze user actions to fully personalize the device, for example, if the owner of the gadget often send photos via Hangouts to the same person, the gadget recognizes the habit and provide the ability to perform one-touch selection of a destination. It is expected that Android 6.0 should be a serious competitor to iOS 9 “apple company”. Nexus device owners will be able to install the new version of the operating system is already October 5th.

In addition to the new operating system at the last presentation of Google representatives showed two of its new smartphones. LG Nexus 5X will be similar to the previous model. The gadget will be released in several variations with either 2 or 3 GB of RAM. Models got Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 808, and a fingerprint scanner. Resolution unit remains the same as it was at the Nexus 5 – 1920×1080. The front facing camera is 5 megapixels, the main 13 megapixel. The estimated cost is $ 380 for 16 GB version.

Huawei Nexus 6P received permission to 2560h1440 pixels. During the performance and speed of the smartphone meets the best representative of the family of processors Qualcomm Snapdragon – 810.
The device also has a fingerprint reader, which is located on the back side. The device has a battery capacity of 3450 mAh on with the possibility of rapid charging Qualcomm Quick Charge. High-quality front camera of 8 megapixel primary at 12.3 megapixels. The price of new items will be about $ 500 for the version with a minimum storage capacity of 32 GB.

Also, a Google spokesman was presented the second generation Chromecast, represents a set-top box to change the design fairly, with respect to the previous model. The gadget will provide an opportunity to transfer data to your TV from your smartphone or tablet. Also, the new product will allow to listen to music using a variety of services. Price consoles will be about $ 35.


It began beta test Apple Music on Android – BBC

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Google focus more on Android-applications – Ferra

Google has introduced a seemingly subtle changes that can actually make a huge impact on the application platform for Android. According to the official blog for developers, Google has done much more lenient limit on the maximum amount of boot APK file for applications – from 50 MB to 100 MB.

In this way, developers can publish twice as much the amount of content downloaded to install the application originally. Accordingly, it is possible to publish more complex applications. For example, the current Facebook app for Android has risen to the previous restriction almost came – the volume is 43.4 MB. As a result, to tie any new significant feature would have been a trivial task, if you do not use additional secondary load.


Google is preparing to release Android-tablet Pixel C premium –

The line of mobile devices Google Pixel, which includes far only Chromebook in soon filled up tablet PC Pixel C – write about our colleagues, referring to a reliable source of information.


Pixel C for workmanship, materials and design will meet the Chromebook Pixel. In other words, Pixel C tablet will cost a premium and would be clearly more “popular” line devices Nexus. At the same time work Pixel C is running Android, and not Chrome OS.

According to preliminary data, Google Pixel C (the code name of the device – Ryu) is equipped with a screen diagonal of 10.2 inches c pixel density of 308 dpi and brightness of 500 cd / m and 3 GB of RAM LPDDR4. Hardware devices made foundation SoC Nvidia Tegra X1. For charging and connecting the periphery of the device provides a connector USB Type-C.

According to Pixel C as accessories will be offered two keyboards, with aluminum trim and leather.

On sale Pixel C will appear in November, but the premiere of the device can take place today, at a special event Google, in which will be presented smartphones Nexus 5X and 6P.

Source: Android Police

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Chapter BlackBerry Slider has shown Android-Priv – Ferra

The head of the company’s BlackBerry has shown the Canadian TV channel BNN Canada’s upcoming smartphone called BlackBerry Priv. More recently, we have already mentioned that the company confirmed plans to release a BlackBerry Priv in its quarterly financial report. Now the smartphone is shown live in a small video.

Known previously codenamed BlackBerry Venice, the smartphone has received the name from the word” privacy “(konfidentsiaolnost in English.)

Recall, BlackBerry Venice is now made in a rare form factor of the vertical slider with a hardware QWERTY-keyboard. In addition, the model should be the first BlackBerry smartphone-based mobile operating system Android.


Android-console Rombica Smart Box Ultra HD v002 –

Recently, we met with two Android-top boxes brand Rombica, which It belongs to developing Singapore company. Cheap, but quite functional device with an attractive design – so you can briefly describe these units. It was not long, however, it has emerged a reason to return to the study of development Rombica. In this case it concerns not only increase productivity models and software localization content. And it is much more important than the virtual “parrots”, which is awarded to those or other device in the synthetic tests.

  1. Complete design
  2. Preferences, performance
  3. Play Video
  4. Nemo TV
  5. Conclusion

Complete construction

Yes, it’s almost the most Android-top box, which was studied in the above article. For minor changes, which are covered in addition to the name of the device: v002 .

This addition can be seen, only turning the device upside down. In all other cases any difference in the first version is not observed. Note these methods to update the line used by different manufacturers quite often, with early versions of the devices tend to disappear from the market.

The main technical characteristics of the device are shown in the following table, as well as on the page of the product.

Rombica Smart Box Ultra HD v.2
Processor 4 core ARM Cortex-A9 2.0 GHz
Video 8 yader ARM Mali-450 MP
Memory ROM 8 GB
operating system Android 4.4
Video Outputs
  • HDMI 1.4 up 3840 × 2160 30 Hz
  • analog CVBS
Audio outputs
  • HDMI 1.4
  • analog stereo
  • S / PDIF optical
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n
  • Ethernet (RJ45) 10/100 Mbit / c
Other USB 2.0 (3 pcs.), memory card slot microSDHC
Data Sources
  • Internet
  • LAN
  • Drives USB
  • microSDHC card up 32 GB
Other features
User Interface
  • multimedia shell Rombica
  • standard interface Android
  • Media Center KODI
Built-in internet services Nemo TV, Ivi, Megogo, TVZavr, Youtube, etc.
  • The hardware decoder Ultra HD 4K decoding codec MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9, VC-1, H.264, H.265
  • 3D-video: Side-by-side, Top-to-bottom
Display No, only mode indicator
Power Supply appearance
The average price of Yandex.Market according T-12649637
Suggestions for data of Yandex.Market L-12649637-10

Preferences, performance

First of all, examine the hardware component of this version of the player. This information will help make a rough impression of the potential of the device.

For more information about the device traditionally provide specialized applications. For example, CPU-Z.

This information is unlikely to pose any practical interest, except for one thing: this information operate many (if not all) applications, providing formation and output of three-dimensional images on the screen. In this regard, we are pleased to state that the console is equipped with a considered a virtual display with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, in contrast to the vast majority of other Android-top boxes, in which a virtual display is 2.25 times lower resolution of 1280 × 720.

way, and network connections similar situation. Mobile Android-powered devices (smartphones, tablets), by definition, can not have the possibility of a wired connection to the network – the corresponding LAN-port controller in smartphones and tablets available. How does the same in this case the system Android? Very simple: a wired connection becomes like a conventional mobile network for a smartphone, while it is possible to connect “more speed” in terms of the system, Wi-Fi. The result is anecdotal situation: the user connecting Android-top box cable, wishes to download Google Play some volume addition to the application, but is rejected because of lack of Wi-Fi connection.

In addition to the standard shell Android in both devices preinstalled proprietary launcher – Rombica. Choosing the right launcher is produced as usual, and this choice is not difficult to change later.

The shell casings Rombica organized like most consumer media players, which are controlled by infrared remote controls. In the setting of consoles can be displayed in the bottom line to scroll through different number of application icons, having carried out the most rapid access to the desired program.

Traditionally, the Android-devices present the results of testing several common test suite. For illustrative purposes, the videos showing the process in some packages.

As you can see, the test Antutu new version of the device showed four thousand more parrots than the previous one, and in the 3D Mark – as much as 500.

Now touch on the sound. This player no changes – set here is equipped with the standard Android software plug that prevents output and DTS multi-channel sound without transcoding stereo PCM. The fact that such a cap exists little doubt. However, if someone is very much want to get multichannel sound, then his service there is always a free shell KODI. This special software to organize HTPC ( H ome T heatre P ersonal C omputer, home multimedia computer) having open source code, allows us to derive a straight line (RAW) audio stream to the receiver (the truth, DTS MA is not reproduced).

Video Playback

To begin with check device’s ability to correctly reproduce the video of the most popular now formats. For this we use our existing treasury of video files and playback results given in a separate plate:

Format container, video, sound Rombica Smart Box Ultra HD
DVDRip AVI, XviD 720 × 400 2 200 kbit / s, MP3 + AC3 output normally output normally
Web-DL SD AVI, XviD 720 × 400 1 400 kbit / s, MP3 + AC3 output normally output normally
Web-DL HD MKV, H.264 1280 × 720 3000 kbit / s, AC3 output normally output normally
BDRip 720p MKV, H.264 1280 × 720 4000 kbit / s, AC3 output normally output normally
BDRip 1080p MKV, H.264 1920 × 1080 8000 kbit / s, AC3 output normally output normally

The prefix, as 4K player supports connection to a TV in a variety of standards, from analog 576i to digital 4K with a frequency of 30 Hertz.

In this regard, the question arises about the true resolution that came to our unit on the TV screen (more precisely, the display). Some devices – such as we have already seen – can be deceiving, making the processing of the image in its original size, but the video output giving banal “apskeyl».

Check the true solution, which is able to give the player is very simple. This requires special play video in which there are horizontal and vertical lines having a thickness of one pixel and spaced on the same pixel. While playing such a video player, engaged in fraud, it will be immediately identified – Are stuck line will be the proof of cheating. In the analysis, we will not use video capture device having a size of 4K (such devices is extremely rare and expensive), and 4K-TV. Enough to do during playback test file photo of the TV display.

You can see that there is no geometrical transformation when playing a test video console does not allow – the video is exactly the pixel-to-pixel console broadcasts real 3840 × 2160 pixels. Of course, the same applies to mode Full HD when connected to the panel with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 – no hint of apskeyl and other artifacts of geometric transformation.

If the previous version of the set-top box a little “loose” when connected to the 4K TV , then this v002 lively responds to commands, cursor movement on the screen is not braked, animation effects are processed as they should, without delay and sticking.

Finally, our favorite test, whose results can not be disputed, nor even to question. This omission or duplication of frames, which allowed many playback devices. There are such gaps for several reasons, such as:

  • mismatch refresh rate with a frame rate of the video being played
  • a lack of hardware resources, network speed or power of the video

In the first case, the players are trying to smooth out the mismatching of frequencies using drop or duplicate frames, making it as evenly as possible to avoid explicit jerking motion picture gate. If the device is not enough resources, these gaps are uneven, ragged. Such omissions are guaranteed to lead to the gate, twitching, depriving the video smoothness.

To check the correctness of the display video files with different frame rates, we usually use a set of test clips with moving one space per frame pointer and a rectangle (see. Methods of testing playback devices and video display). For testing we used a video with a frame size of 1920 × 1080 and different frequencies, from 24 to 60 frames / sec, and the rollers with a frame size of 4K and a frequency of 24 to 60 frames / s.

Considered console connects to 4K TV to the corresponding frame size video playback, and the maximum for the TV refresh rate (60 Hz). Below is a table with pictures of the screen, where you can see the test results and draw conclusions. By the way, at the time the photograph we deliberately appear on the TV data line, which indicates the current mode of operation – the size and frame rate.

Let’s comment on the order. Playing video files with a size of 1920 × 1080 at 60 progressive frames per second console produces flawlessly, correctly making omissions or duplicating frames in case of discrepancy between the frequencies thus maintaining uniformity, and thus smooth. With 4K situation is a little is more complicated – files at up to 30 frames per second are played perfectly well, but with increasing frequency to 50 and those over 60 the player loses its rhythm, making passes for up to 8 frames.

With regard to the possibility of the player to play video encoded in the new format HEVC (H.265), which is likely to replace common today AVC (H.264) – then even we were surprised how easily console has managed to reproduce the video, shot a brand new camera Samsung NX500 . And the parameters of these files is very difficult, even for powerful computer: HEVC 4096 × 2160 30p with a bit rate of 70 Mbit / s (download example, 212 MB).

At the conclusion of this chapter will evaluate the ability of consoles to make surfing the web. Download Web pages from the device to a decent speed, which is unlike the standard is not particularly powerful Android-powered device, usually the “inhibitory” even when rendering simple pages. Embedding an article is reproduced directly on the page without preloading and return to the full screen mode. Just work confidently and scripts, even such seemingly “cunning”, company:

To view the large size original size, press

Pre-application services we have already seen an example Rombica Smart Box Ultra HD, this article is washed away not to repeat, but to draw attention to one of the new application services , Nemo TV.

Nemo TV

This service is in the form of an application will now be pre-set for every Android-console Rombica. Why Nemo TV? This is a paid service that provides access to more than two hundred channels, Amediateke and film library; the cost of various packages can be seen on the official website. Wanted to find out what the user will receive from the service for the money?

Nemo TV can be operated on several different platforms: Smart TV (LG and Samsung), Android-top boxes, smart phones and tablets on the Android / iOS, as well as on the company’s console Nemo Box HD. You can connect to a single account up to five different devices. All connected, but rather linked to the account device, shown in the user’s personal account on the site Nemo TV.

Our some simple experiments have shown that simultaneous viewing of content from the same account is possible only on the two devices. No more. Implemented by the restriction rather gently and softly, you can alternately start watching TV channels or recordings on five different devices attached to your account, and all five units are regularly ordered to show you the content. However, subsequent attempts to change the channel or movie on any device running, the system will display a warning on its screen as follows:

If you click OK here, the other devices were “unnecessary” stop receiving the broadcast. It’s a shame, of course … There was in fact little thought to share access to content with someone from the family, but alas.

Having dealt with the moral and legal part of the service, go to the technical aspects. First, you should know which devices can be installed instances of applications Nemo TV. A list of these devices much: a TV with a Smart (LG and Samsung), smartphones / tablets (Android and iPhone / iPad), and of course Android-top boxes. But there are limitations. With one of them we unfortunately encountered. For TV Samsung UE55D8000, a magnificent example of engineering, released in 2011, it proved to be too old for this service. However, in addition to such television can serve as mentioned proprietary set-top box Nemo Box HD, has all the features Smart TV.

The question “what do you do if the TV does not support Nemo TV, and connect to the service you want? “there is an obvious advice to pay attention to the prefix Nemo Box HD, the acquisition of which gives a 30-day period of free viewing content Nemo TV.

The second question, which must necessarily be brought to the developer: why these applications are so different? These two types of applications: designed for consoles (smartphones, tablets), and installed in the Smart-TV. It turns out, the television version of the application is much more functional than an application for the console. Paradox? He is. Applications are so different that compare their forehead-to-forehead did not get. Instead of comparing the best series take a look at both types of applications, starting with mobile Nemo TV (version for Android).

As you can see, the application provides an opportunity to view more than two hundred television channels, including those that broadcast in HD as well as some live broadcasts from different corners of the Earth. Here you can view the current status of the account – the service will even the number of days remaining until the end of your subscription.

In exactly the same way the application looks and works on your smartphone or tablet:

Working in full-screen mode, Nemo TV provides an opportunity to make some settings:

Binding of the device where the application is installed, by entering the password that will be sent via SMS to the specified mobile phone number. If you wish, you can add the name of your email account user and change the password to log in to your account.

With this concise app that has almost no settings, and manage the child.


Evolution of Android-plates from semi-finished products to delicacies Read more –

Left in this year Apple Watch watches caused a lot of controversy and discussion. The main question was: what are they for the average user, not the boom? Fans of the brand authoritatively told that Tim Cook and he does not know what the purpose of hours, but it’s not terrible: in 2010, Steve Jobs also had no idea that people will do with the tablet iPad.

In order to refute this thesis, it is enough to review the presentation of the first 9.7-inch iPad. Jobs specifically enumerated the advantages of this device: compactness, performance and convenience when surfing the net. The gadget was perfect for games, movies and travel Web sites, but the important thing is that all the declared features really worked, and he was not aypad cumbersome and not be consumed per hour, how many of his predecessors. In general, iPad was a breakthrough – the first of 2015 can be judged with complete confidence.

Five years ago, Apple immediately find Asian competitors. By mid-2010, Android is already spreading across the planet, so in China immediately understand what you should choose a skin for the “clone iPad» – a modified 1.5 Cupcake and 1.6 Donut. The plates were prepared one-day single-core processor with a frequency of 533 GHz, 2 GB of internal memory, from 128 to 256 MB of RAM, plastic housing and standard 3.5-mm jack. The price of “clones” immediately attracted the attention – less than two hundred dollars despite the fact that the iPad sold for 500.

However, even this amount of Chinese crafts looked ill-founded. First, the vehicles were equipped with a 7-inch resistive screen – turn the pages on the Internet could only fantastically patient people. Second, the battery held from 2 to 4 hours: Wi-Fi instantly “eats” battery reserves. Third, in the standby mode, these gadgets also were discharged for half a day – in contrast to the iPad. Fourth, the Russian users had to pay for the shipping from China. The output is the tablet for $ 250 was suitable only as a bedside reading room: Angry Birds even on low CPU slowed down so that the play they just did not want to. Movies were played too far from everything – movies often had to convert (Of course, the first iPad could be accused of the same, but the iPad was the service iTunes, and then have Android does not have any Google Video). About webcam owners of budget devices prefer to forget: the only thing that can be obtained after pressing the “descent” – blur (although we should note that Apple has appeared a camera on the iPad 2). This system itself is also imposed many restrictions – there were problems with the keyboard, video playback online and compatibility of applications (particularly Android 1.5).

During the year the characteristics of the Chinese noname-plates slightly improved, while prices fell slightly, but the overall market Android- «pill” remained free. The first global attempt to occupy a niche taken, of course, the company Samsung. The most high profile innovation IFA 2010 was the first Galaxy Tab. Its equipped with Android 2.2 (solid at the time), a sturdy plastic casing, seven-inch screen capacitive glass Gorilla Glass, trёhmegapikselnoy camera and decent battery – 8-9 hours or 1-2 days average use. Disappointing price, only 100-150 dollars less than the most affordable iPad, but the Samsung proved that the Android-tablet may be suitable for use.


The Koreans have supplied device set branded widgets and applications: organizer, player, book text, advanced office applications and file manager. Besides power Galaxy Tab at the time conceded just two Android-devices: Nexus One 2.2 and Moto Droid X. All other smart phones have been behind – this meant that while the Galaxy Tab has been almost perfect machine for the “heavy” games and watching movies in good quality without conversion. The downside of the tablet was the same Android, which is clearly inferior to iOS in the smoothness and stability.

Following Samsung’s battle joined Motorola. In February 2011, the Americans showed their “killer iPad» – 10-inch tablet XOOM with Android 3.0 Honeycomb on board. This version of the system developed specifically for the “pill”, but the idea failed. Not least because of the pricing: XOOM at the start of the requested $ 700. For the money users accrue to the gadget chip NVIDIA Tegra 2, a gigabyte of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, HD-TV (pixel density higher than that of Apple), pyatimegapikselnoy camera and battery capacity of 6500 mAh, which is enough for 10 hours of video playback.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Choose a messenger for android-devices: the results of the consideration of 15 applications –

& nbsp;

The best materials Laboratories

  • Sapphire R9 NANO in Citylink, need to take
  • MEGAsliv R9 290X Sapphire Tri-X! Things to book !!
  • dropped the price on the GTX 980 – see
  • 32 species matplat S1151 in Regardie
  • R9 FURY cheap in Citylink
  • LG 31′ IPS 4096×2160 in the Citylink
  • Motherboard ASUS MAXIMUS VIII RANGER in Citylink
  • two-towered super-cooler Zalman – 3000 rubles cheaper. Citylink in
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 for $ 500 Citylink – this will not last long
  • New iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in stock! Yahoo!
  • Steep neref GTX 980 Ti cheap in Regardie
  • Quiz WD: Answer simple questions and win the hard drive WD Red
  • price collapsed on the GTX 980 Ti
  • BENQ IPS 32′ 3840×2160 in Citylink inexpensive
  • GTX980 Ti EVGA HYBRID in Regardie
  • S1151 MSI GAMING M5 in Citylink
  • optimal gaming enclosure ZALMAN Z9 Plus – buy in Citylink
  • ASUS S1151 MAXIMUS VIII RANGER in Regardie

You can mark you interesting snippets of text,
that will be available through a unique link in your browser.

Vladimir Osadchiy 27.09.2015 09:00 Page: 1 of 5 | reference to material | Print | discussion | archive





In this article we summarize the consideration of 15 messengers for the operating system Android, which was devoted to a series of relevant articles.

600x343 316 KB. Big one: 600x343 134 KB


After a brief review of each application for text messaging as well as voice and video calls, our editorial staff will select a few favorites. In particular, we will announce the winners in the following categories:

  • The best app for text messaging;

  • The best application for voice and video calls;

  • The best universal app;

  • The best popular application for text messages;

  • The best popular application for voice and video calls;

  • The best popular universal app;

  • Unusual applications that deserve attention.

Do not forget that a certain role to play, and my opinion, and I, like any man, I could be wrong. This will be taken into consideration is the functionality of a standalone application, rather than its position in the world tops, though it provided for his nomination. Thus it will be possible to express an objective opinion about the messengers for Android.

Let’s start with the summary findings of each test. And beforehand programs into categories according to their functionality, to avoid confusion.

Applications for text messages, voice and video


In this section the universal solutions – programs that allow both to communicate by sending SMS and internal messages and make voice and video calls. The latter operates not only in service, but also outside of it, it is possible to make calls to mobiles and landlines.

Looking ahead, we note that the main advantage of such an application – is favorable rates, good quality and modest consumption of system resources.




The program Skype special needs no introduction. Its capabilities are known to all, not so long ago, it has become part of software Microsoft. In this light, the more interesting to see what has changed and what is not, and to assess the advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the less well-known competitors.

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Score in Google Play (free / paid version)

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
Depends on the device *

Depends on the device *

Application Version
Depends on the device *

Shopping in the annex

* In this case, install the version of 126 MB.

Good minimalism

The ability to self-configure
Minimum of PC-version

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0-0.7% / 78 -90 MB

The required minimum

Availability Emoji, emoticons, gif-animation
Animated emoticons

Transfer files and multimedia
Yes | files, videos, photos

No support

The social component (integration with social networks, group chats)
Group chat


Average (system load)


Skype, as a messenger, suitable only for short and “dry” business correspondence. All those who are used to communicate in “grand style” will not find anything interesting here. Upset and consumption of system resources, which began to grow exponentially, without any serious reason.

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Still, Skype was created more for the business environment than for regular users. By the way, there are corporate decisions. This chat is most advantageous for internal communication (both voice and video). As for calls to landline and mobile phones in Russia, it is more profitable to call abroad than in native land. The latter wins the stationary communication, which is near the corporate environment than the average user.

For the rest everything is fine: the consumption of resources has increased slightly, the quality of communication, both internal and external – is excellent, but with the MBs charging will have to tie and go to the full NL, as well the program consumes. Not the most ideal solution for mobile devices.

Quality intercom

The quality of the internal video

The quality of calls to landline and mobile phones
Excellent / Excellent

Consumption of traffic (video / voice call general)
14 MB in 20 seconds

The load on system
0% / 110 MB

Minimum rates in Russia (landline / mobile + fixed)
1.7 / 7.4 cents

The stability of the connection (open, hovering and so on)
When you call on a landline phone was observed mute companion



If the line Skype – it’s video calls, the Viber – Voice calls. Moreover, the functionality of the program is constantly growing – there were even games, which means the application of well-known marks in the analogues Agent. It remains only a full social network to create.

So, Viber- «dialer” overgrown stickers, emoticons and the ability to share photos. Therefore, it is possible to ask how a normal Internet messenger or a client for social networks.

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Score in Google Play (free / paid version)

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
2.3 or higher

37 MB

Application Version

Shopping in the annex
from 30.00 rubles. 1 689.02 rubles. per unit

* In the case of Android 4.4.2 version installed capacity of 16.15 MB.

Excellent (dvuhokonny)

The ability to self-configure

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0-0.2% / 60 -96 MB


Availability Emoji, emoticons, gif-animation
Stickers, doodles, animation

Transfer files and multimedia
Just multimedia


The social component (integration with social networks, group chats)
Yes (Facebook)

Yes / fine



Viber can be called a full-fledged messenger, as it has everything for correspondence between users. Some doodles, games and decorations are worth. It is worth noting a group chat, the background for each user and the ability to invite a companion as you like.

It is obvious to us is happening slowly but surely transform “dialer” in the social network. Some people like it, some do not, but that is what it is.

281x450 35 KB. Big one: 800x1280 106 KB  281x450 45 KB. Big one: 800x1280 122 KB

And here is the perfect solution for calls to mobiles and landlines messenger can not be named, because the quality of communication” not very “, prices bite, and bezlimita and did not.

At the same time in the service is OK, except for the load on the system. Available videoconference, but it will destroy the battery very quickly. But with all the traffic it is normal – less than half have Skype, what pleases me: in this situation may be allowed to communicate personally with smartphone smartphone.

Quality intercom

The quality of the internal video

The quality of calls to landline and mobile phones
Good / Average

Consumption of traffic (video / voice call general)
5 MB per 20 seconds

The load on system
2.1% / 107 MB

Minimum rates in Russia (landline / mobile + fixed)
4.9 / 9.5 cents

The stability of the connection (open, hovering and so on)
Interference during the call to the mobile / sound problems with the video call



Hangouts everyone knows. This messenger is impossible not to know, because it comes along with Android. At the same time, we offer not only text messages but also SMS, and MMS, and voice and video calls.

So why do we still install Skype, if such an application is always a wonderful backyard? Is a purely intuitive level? Maybe it is not necessary to invent a bicycle and it’s time to stop for Hangouts?

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Score in Google Play (free / paid version)

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
Depends on the device *

Depends on the device *

Application Version
Depends on the device *

Shopping in the annex

* In this case, install the version 4.0.100406486 total volume of 44.15 MB.

Good (Android)

The ability to self-configure
At least

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0-1% / 26 -90 MB

The complete set of

Availability Emoji, emoticons, gif-animation
The complete set of

Transfer files and multimedia
The complete set of


The social component (integration with social networks, group chats)




Hangouts worthy of being among the pre-installed applications Android. It has everything to communicate, and even a little more.