Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Google is preparing to release Android-tablet Pixel C premium – iXBT.com

The line of mobile devices Google Pixel, which includes far only Chromebook in soon filled up tablet PC Pixel C – write about our colleagues, referring to a reliable source of information.


Pixel C for workmanship, materials and design will meet the Chromebook Pixel. In other words, Pixel C tablet will cost a premium and would be clearly more “popular” line devices Nexus. At the same time work Pixel C is running Android, and not Chrome OS.

According to preliminary data, Google Pixel C (the code name of the device – Ryu) is equipped with a screen diagonal of 10.2 inches c pixel density of 308 dpi and brightness of 500 cd / m and 3 GB of RAM LPDDR4. Hardware devices made foundation SoC Nvidia Tegra X1. For charging and connecting the periphery of the device provides a connector USB Type-C.

According to Pixel C as accessories will be offered two keyboards, with aluminum trim and leather.

On sale Pixel C will appear in November, but the premiere of the device can take place today, at a special event Google, in which will be presented smartphones Nexus 5X and 6P.

Source: Android Police

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