Friday, September 18, 2015

Android Wear can be much more functional – Mail.Ru

Android Police got hold of a smart watch Huawei Watch, which, finally, began to be marketed, and found in them a component that is not involved. It is the dynamics of which, obviously, is to remove the sound. Based on the presence of this module, the experts speculated that his presence here is no accident, and Google is testing the ability to add sound to a smart watch.

It should be noted that this finding does not guarantee us that the dynamics will in future gadgets or activate Smart hours, where the module is installed in the near future. By the way, finding explains why so many Google employees have seen a Huawei Watch long before the start of sales, in particular, the top manager David Burke.

Let’s remind, in May, it was reported that, Google is working on an update to Android Wear, which will be able to answer the phone. Currently, the system is limited by the ability to only hear your voice commands, and the lack of speakers and the original concept of smart watches as a terminal for Google Now is not meant calls for this category of gadgets. However, the latest OS updates allow us to understand that devices with Android Wear has much more functionality than originally anticipated, so if Google will soon announce the appearance of the speakers in the smart watch, nothing surprising in it is not.

More photos and details about Huawei Watch learn from our reporting

The function call answering is useful not for long conversations, for a short response, for example, the moment when the hands are busy or the smartphone is far from the user. In addition, a speaker, for sure, can be adapted for other applications where vibration is not enough.

The last significant update Android Wear happened in late April this year, and recent innovations have brought improvements in the interface, in addition, we now there is support for iOS-devices. It seems that in Google are actively working on Android Wear, and soon we can get even more functionality in the Smart hours.


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