Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Number of users of the Android OS has reached 1.4 billion – Economy News

Print mobile device running Google’s Android OS are 1.4 billion people around the world. This indicator increased by 400 million relative to May 2014 This information shared Chrome head Sundar Pichai and Android.

According to a top manager, the audience is Android growing largely due to developing countries, such as Indonesia and Vietnam. In these markets, the number of owners of Android-devices has doubled in a year, and many of them have purchased a smartphone for the first time.

A lot of working on Android mobile devices using unlicensed Google version of the platform, in which there is no key services Internet giant (Gmail , corporate search engine, Google Play Store, and so on. n.). Especially a lot of these products are sold in China, which Google had left five years ago. Despite this, there are more than 1 billion people who use the store Google Play Store at least once in the last 30 days, said Pichai.

Citing statistics, he also said that every day in the world activated about 30 thousand. new notebooks based on Chrome OS, most of them in American schools. Currently, more than 10 thousand. Companies are testing a corporate version of Android – Android for Work, said the representative of Google.

Meanwhile, in relation to another Google launched an antitrust investigation. US authorities suspect the company of unlawfully restricting access to competitors to OS Android. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and US Department of Justice joined together to investigate, during which employees were interviewed several competing companies Google. They complained that on the Android Google Inc. devotes its own service key place, hurting other manufacturers.

The investigation is at an early stage, and there is a chance that it will end without charge.


This Antimonopoly check against Google is now underway in Europe. It threatens us in a fine of $ 5 billion, which corresponds to approximately 10% of revenue. Such large sums of penalties for violations of the laws of fair competition in Europe has ever had. The final decision on the case shall be made before the end of 2015.

Recall that Google’s revenue for the II quarter excluding traffic acquisition costs (ex-TAC) was $ 14.35 billion, adjusted earnings per share – $ 6 99, which was above expectations of analysts had forecast $ 6.70 with ex-TAC-revenue in the amount of $ 14,27.

For Google, this is the first fiscal quarter with the new head of financial service – Ruth Porat, who commented on Results as follows: “The results for the II quarter reflects the positive growth of our products, primarily basic categories: search, where it is necessary to allocate the mobile unit, as well as advertising on YouTube. We are focused on new opportunities in a wide range of services. And we do it with eye on a reasonable allocation of resources “.

The former Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat, passed over to Google in May this year, organized by the audit company expenses. In I quarter of this year, the staff of Google employees rose in 1819, an increase to 55 419 employees. This is the slowest growth of state companies in 2013.


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