Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pornopleer for Android demanded a ransom from the user – Lenta.ru

Adult Player Application for Android, allows you to view adult content, photographs the user during video playback, smart locks and requires redemption. This was reported by the British publication The Register.

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The principle of operation is similar to the Adult Player blocker WinLocker, which affected many users of personal computers running Windows. The malicious code embedded in the video player to play adult content, making portrait photos the user locks the screen on your Android device and requires a ransom of $ 500. After making the sum of the application promises to delete the photo and unlock the gadget.

The requirement to repurchase does not disappear even after a “cold” reboot, at which the complete purification of memory devices. The code continues to block gadgets.

In order to avoid falling into such a situation the company’s specialists Zscaler, dealing with network security, it is recommended not to install Android apps from unknown sources, using only Google Play and other official store. Experts also point out that, in addition to blocking, games and programs with built-in malware installed from unofficial repositories can steal personal data and disrupt the device.

Android has been criticized because of its architecture . Numerous defects in the core of the operating system regularly lead to a mass hacking and loss of functionality of gadgets under its control.


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