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20 useful applications for Android –

Every day, the market appears a large number of applications of new programs. Applications for devices with Android operating system at the same time take a considerable share, partly due to the fact that it allows on more features compared to other platforms.

So you do not get lost among the huge diversity, gave an overview of the most useful applications for Android, that really are worthy of attention and space in your mobile device.

Save web pages for reading

Pocket recognized as one of the best applications for Android in 2014. This service allows you to save articles, videos and other materials for later viewing, and this information will be available on all devices. If the material is stored in the Pocket, it will be on your phone, tablet or computer, even if you are offline. This app is perfect for commuting to work or traveling.


Services for messaging there abound. Popular Viber, iMessage and Telegram added yet Facebook Messenger, an audience which has already exceeded 200 million. Users. It features a minimalistic design and great functionality: In addition to sending text messages, the app allows you to share photos, audio and video clips, as well as make and receive calls.


Morning Awakening few people come easy. We all, of course, set the alarm clock at the right time, but once it starts ringing – habitual traffic delay calling again and again. To overcome this addiction will help application Puzzle Alarm Clock, available on devices with Android. To turn off the music, it offers several options: solving puzzles, math problems, unpleasant flickering flashes, and, for particularly severe cases – a fine for each transfer the alarm time!

Physical activity

Services to monitor physical activity are gaining in popularity. So Google launched its application Google Fit, allowing you to collect the necessary statistics of activity and follow all the indicators with the help of sensors. The program keeps track of how much you have passed, ran or rode a bicycle and thinks calories burned.

Increased productivity

If you are familiar with the concept of procrastination firsthand Focus Lock app for Android can help you increase productivity. It allows you to temporarily disable all the “bad” applications that are distracting and do not give focus on the important business. All that you need – a set period of time for work and leisure, and the program itself will signal when you will be able to take advantage of the blocked services. When you try to run a banned application, you will not work, and the Focus Lock a lock out. For someone such a crucial process can be the salvation.

Sync application

The perfect application for automating IFTTT is now available on Android. This service allows you to save your time, creating a connection between the actions of different applications. For example, all pictures can be added to your Instagram, duplicate Twitter, or save these mail files to Dropbox. Recipes there are so many, you can find ready-made in the application, but you can create your own.


Now the owners of Android devices have the ability to use the startling weather app from Yahoo! – Yahoo Weather. It is distinguished by one of the most beautiful interfaces in each city and the weather matched the beautiful photos from Flickr. In addition to temperature, there is also an animated data on wind speed, map, moon phase, and the current position of the sun.

Easy Calendar

Users of mobile devices running Android for the organization of your day can use a variety of applications. This can be a full calendar planned out months in advance, and a simple list that contains a list of tasks. Accomplish combines both approaches: You can drag tasks directly from your to-do list in the calendar plan, when it is convenient to do each task.

The organization of time

Another useful application that allows you to plan and organize your time. MyLifeOrganized becomes your personal secretary that is always by your side is a list of cases and recalls the need for timely implementation. Tasks can be grouped and set the dependence of realization of some other tasks to perform. There is even the possibility to specify the location, which should work memo (for example, to remind buy batteries when you’re in the store).

Learning new words

Lingo Vocabulary Trainer – this is an interesting and effective way to learn and repeat the right words in many languages. During training at the same time you will see a card with a picture of the object, indicating his foreign words and be able to listen to the pronunciation. And when you see again or even just thinking about this object, the right word pops up in memory. Even if language learning is given to you with difficulty, this method will help to develop memory.

Storage of personal information

With the application 1Password can securely store passwords, credit card information, passport information, and other important personal information. And the program creates a complex and unique password for each website, and enters their stores with just one touch. This application is a multi-platform safe for important information worthy alternative that is hard to find.

Training for Brain

The application creates a Lumosity training program that challenges your brain. Train your memory and attention with the help of mini-games. This keeps track of your results, allowing you to track your progress over time. With this application exercises for the mind turns into a daily habit, not a burdensome duty.

Interesting figures

Numerous – an interesting application for Android, which keeps track of important numbers: as the most banal – exchange rates and shares, as and more personalized, such as, for example, the number of days before the release of new films and TV series. If the number is changed, the application is notified. With proper setting it up, the application can be really useful.

Switch between tasks

The application Pintasking makes it easy and convenient to switch between running programs in Android. Sometimes mobile device simply to be used in multitasking mode. With this application, you can minimize windows to floating small button, and then deploy the right back. Try this method is much more convenient than the standard switching between tasks.

Entertainment job

If you are tired of your usual routine life, cool application Shuffle My Life will help you fight the boredom and bring to each of its day a little spontaneity. The application will offer you to perform one of the casual jobs, which currently has more than four. For example, take a photo of five unusual items on the way to work, to read a new book or write it to a random subject and record it on tape. The program monitors the performance of tasks, so do not try to cheat.

Task Manager

There are some applications that help us to plan the day time and manage tasks. Widely regarded as one of the best such tools can be called Todoist – Convenient manager tasks. Creating and managing tasks will have no difficulty – the interface is clear even novice users. Features of this application are endless: the scheduler is implemented on all platforms, which allows you to synchronize your list of tasks on all devices, and share them, for example, with colleagues to carry out joint projects.

Functional Camera

Many people are not satisfied with the nominal camera mobile device. On Google Play, you can find a variety of cameras for every taste, with lots of different settings and functions. Appendix Camera MX combines a user-friendly interface and functionality. A variety of effects, filters and frames can be selected directly in the process of shooting, and immediately get the picture already processed. But the main feature of Camera MX is a function Shoot the Past, which allows you to capture the image not only in the moment of pressing the button, but a few seconds before and after this point.

Random reminders

A simple application Randomly RemindMe intended to remind you of something several times a day. For example, drink a glass of water, do exercises or pause in work, have a snack or take medicine. You can add any number of reminders, and the ability to configure them more advanced in comparison with the regular calendar functions.

Recording telephone conversations

The function of recording telephone conversations sometimes necessary, however, devices with Android operating system, it is not provided. But installing a special application Automatic Call Recorder, you can record phone conversations and save them. After installation, perform all necessary settings, turn the app and it will run in the background and wait for an incoming or outgoing call to start recording. After the end of the conversation will be notified of the successful preservation of records.

The world of cinema

In this application, collected a wealth of information for real cinephiles: a detailed description of the film, trailers, profiles of actors and different rankings . But even if you just want to choose a movie for the evening, IMDb Movies & amp; TV will be a great help.

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