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Choose a messenger for android-devices: voice and video calls – Skype, Viber and WhatsApp –





Our editorial staff continues to review the program for the communication and calls on the Net for the operating system Android. In previous articles we talked about part of the text of the top programs such as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp , alternative solutions to them Messenger Facebook, ICQ and Line , as well as lesser-known but no less interesting imo, Tango and the WeChat , Universal Xabber, Mail.Ru Agent and IM + , Popular Hangouts, Telegram and 4talk Messenger . It’s time to check their voice and video capabilities.

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We will go on the same order, starting with the top and alternative programs. And because the main functions and settings of applications have been considered in previous reviews, we will not be repeated, and proceed directly to the testing. This estimate load on the system and the network will investigate the tariffs, as well as the most important – as voice and video calls.

As the test equipment used tablet DEXP Ursus 8EV2 3G (Android 4.4.2, CPU MT8382, 4 x 1300 MHz, 1GB RAM).



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If a person asks him to phone over the Internet, the head itself an association with Skype. Indeed, the program has become a cult means of communication, and above all the video, and then through a voice call, and to a lesser extent through text messages.

Sometimes ignorant people all video calls through any application calls the “Skype”, but this is from the jokes, so move on to the debriefing.

Tariffs and services


Skype proposes to introduce a free first month of calls to mobiles and landlines. Thus you automatically become subscribers of the “Mir” with pay 10.49 euros per month. Of course, from this option, you can unsubscribe, but this must be done within 27 days, otherwise your credit card will be written off automatically monthly payment.

Not without its pitfalls – unlimited calls to Russia are available only to landlines, but mobile can call only in Hong Kong (SAR), Guam, Canada, China, Puerto Rico, Singapore, United States and Thailand.

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Cost and tariffs are higher than in the screenshots. Note that the minimum cost of the call (to the minute) on a landline phone (in Russia) is 1.7 cents, to mobile – 7.4 percent. The minimum package of minutes to landlines (equal to 120 minutes) costs 1.29 euros to mobile 60 euro / month for 60 minutes.

For example, in the States, you can call cheaper, ie 60 minutes for 89 cents per month (all the form-factor) in China – exactly the same, but the package includes 120 minutes, but the call to Germany and even less – only 49 cents over two hours of talk time per month, but only at the hospital. In the case of mobile and “home” numbers have to pay 2.69 euros for 60 minutes a month.

So Skype can be considered cost-effective solution for calls abroad, but not in Russia. With regard to voice and video calls with “Skype” to “Skype”, then there is a full NL.

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Not without a gift card, the cost of which varies in the range of 10-60 US dollars. By the way, if you subscribe to one of the unlimited tariff plans and started to make a little or a call-center avtoobzvon, a long time do not have to use the freebie – must be banned.

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As for the calls – both mobile and landline phones – no complaints here. Of course, in Zimbabwe we are not called, but the quality of communication in Russia – excellent.

However, it is best to talk through a headset, because the call to the hospital in a small town Zarinsk that in the Altai region, there was a hushed voice, as though talking to a bunker, but this can be attributed to local ATC-ku.

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The quality of video calls to Skype is known to all. Of course, it all depends on the speed of the connection at both ends, as well as the front camera, but these aspects, we think, explain readers do not.

By the way, the application has a separate option – Skype Wi-Fi, which allows you to automatically join the free access points to pay for services or paid Wi-Fi-zones with their wallet in the “Skype”. And what is very convenient.

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Now the load on the system. When the video it is 109.6 MB in zero CPU, which is not so different from the base in the 0-0.7% / 78-90 MB.

Of course, if you zateet videoconference, then the index will crawl up, but it’s not so scary. For example, Line with messages gave 0% / 100-123 MB, but about it we will talk later.

As for the incoming and outgoing traffic, if you frequently use Skype, upgrade to unlimited Internet. For accidents 18 seconds of video consumed 10 MB on the outgoing connection and 1.5 MB per incoming. But a voice call consumes a mere “penny” in the area of ​​one-fifth of the video, it is understandable.

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Still, Skype is more intended for the business environment rather than for general users. By the way, there are corporate decisions. This is most advantageous to communicate via intercom as voice and video.

As for calls to landline and mobile phones in Russia, it is more profitable to call abroad than in native land. In the latter case, again, win a fixed connection which is closer corporate environment than the average user.

For the rest everything is fine: the consumption of resources has increased slightly, the quality of communication, both internal and external – is excellent, but with the MBs charging will have to tie and go to the full NL – application decent eats. In general, not the most ideal solution for mobile devices.

Quality intercom

The quality of the internal video

The quality of calls to landline and mobile phones
Excellent / Excellent

Consumption of traffic (video / voice call general)
14 MB in 20 seconds

The load on system
0% / 110 MB

Minimum rates in Russia (landline / mobile + fixed)
1.7 / 7.4 cents

The stability of the connection (open, hovering and so on)
When you call on a landline phone was observed muffled companion


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