Saturday, September 12, 2015

Why Android needs to Apple? – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)


This week Apple announced a new generation of the iPhone, which will once again unleash the dispute between supporters of Android and iOS. The owners of a devaysa will defend their favorite manufacturer. However, the operating system from Google needs to be addressed Apple’s more than you think.

It’s no secret that smartphones running Android, an objective on paper, far ahead of competitor iOS. However, people prefer the iPhone for a long time well-known reasons. We have already seen characteristics iPhone 6s and far can not be compared with those at the top gadgets like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or LG G4. But the fact is that Apple is not chasing numbers and scores in benchmarks. Most of the filling and remains at the level of last year’s models. So why be afraid of Android Apple?

 apple-iphone-6-nexus-5-screen- w782

The reason lies in the experience of exploitation and optimization. With these two parameters, relations have not took Android a long time. While Apple is lagging behind as regards iron, the credibility of the company yet more. It is easy to say that the purchasers “Apple” products do not understand, and ill-informed about alternatives, but most still prefer the company from Cupertino consciously, not only for the brand. The average user has no idea about what kind of processor is installed in the device, how much RAM, what is the capacity of the battery. The main thing – that all works without problems in the daily operation.

Android needs to Apple. First, a healthy competition always plays into the hands of us, the consumers, as companies continue to develop and offer new solutions. Secondly, as we know, the manufacturers often borrow some features from each other. It is clear that Apple has a lot of aspects on which Android will only grow.

AndroidPIT-Huawei -Watch-watch-face-hero-w782

For example, the Apple Watch also seen as the IFA 2015 held without exception, manufacturers with solutions on Android Wear has a focus on the appearance of the gadget, not the technical component. Was it an accident?

In general, write your opinion about why Google’s Android requires Apple’s iOS (or vice versa)? Or the company could well do without each other? It would be interesting to hear different points of view.

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