Friday, September 4, 2015

For Android smartphone developed detector boredom –

Experts Barcelona Telefonica Research Laboratory have developed a program for smartphones running Android, which allows to determine when the owner of the gadget is experiencing boredom. Study leader Martin Pelo (Martin Pielot) published a report on his personal website.

The algorithm draws conclusions based on how frequently the user uses a smart phone. When forecasting takes into account a variety of additional factors: the time of day to the time elapsed since the last received call or message. According to the test results, 83 percent of the right recognized in the program user signs of boredom.

When creating the application, the researchers used data collected during experiments involving 54 volunteers. First, subjects were asked to several times a day for two weeks to assess how much the boredom they experience. Advanced installed on their smartphones The program collects information about how heavily used the gadget.

To test the algorithm was carried out some experiments. Appendix taught bored users to send links to materials from the news site BuzzFeed. It turned out that they are increasingly moving to the resource and spent time reading the recommended article, than those who have the link sent randomly.

Among the future plans of researchers – to improve the accuracy of forecasts and recommendations to create an efficient algorithm.


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