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Select the emulator OC Android for Windows: MEmu and Genymotion –





Laboratory site continues a series of articles devoted to the OC Android emulators for computers running Windows. Recall that the heroes of the previous steel materials Nox, Andy, Droid4X and game “player» BlueStacks.

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In the new review, we look at two programs that are completely different from all the applications we tested earlier. Let’s start with Memu – a simple, high-quality and productive Emulator Android OS. In contrast, Genymotion positioned as a professional tool for testing on the basis of “green robot” games and programs.

As the test equipment used laptop Lenovo Y510p (Intel Core i5-4200M 2500 GHz, the GT 755 SLI with 2 GB of memory, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB of the HDD, the display of 1920 x 1080, OC Windows 10).



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Emulators OC Android very much: there are simple, and there are functional and highly specialized. This time we look at a comprehensive solution that is able to satisfy most of the users – MEmu.

Getting Started


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The first thing you need to download the emulator and install. Fortunately these problems should not be, because MEmu – free application and the installation takes place in a couple of clicks. The whole process takes about five minutes, four of them consuming unpacking of downloaded files.

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Then boot MEmu, and we become full users of the Android system. By the way, there is a slightly reworked exterior, removing menu with apps and widgets. Optimized desktops under a large screen size, and slightly changed the notification center has arranged a couple of applications, including Google Play, and Superuser. This differs from the classic “green robot” exhaust system.

Since this emulator is to communicate with the root of the operating system, we need special tools. Everything you need for that placed on the vertical bar on the right side of the screen. I see no point in listing all the features, because labels on everything is clear – it’s just, well, nothing unusual there is no – that’s two. If necessary, this panel can be hidden.

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MEmu supports full-screen mode, and it is absolutely honest – total immersion in OC Android.

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In any emulator must manage adaptations, there she and MEmu. If the game is required to designate press on a specific area, then choose the appropriate symbol and move it to the screen, specify the key to action and ready. All, as elsewhere, for example in Nox.



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The item with the settings in the emulator MEmu there, but nothing useful there. All that we can – change the screen resolution, language (Russian is not), select the type of navigation bar, to provide information about the gadget and display the coordinates of the device. Yet, supposedly, you can change the number of allocated cores and RAM, though in practice this is not possible.

Test Application


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This is the emulator I really liked the performance and availability of applications. In MEmu on my configuration earned all the test files, and how.

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We will not take into account the simple arcade and strategy, will begin immediately with the WOT Blitz. At a minimum preset mobile graphics, “Tanks” are working with 45-50 FPS, you can even seize the texture quality – the game will be playable.

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Here is a summary table of application performance.


Angry Birds 2
& gt; 60

Riptide GP
50 -60

WOT Blitz
45 -50

Need for Speed ​​No Limits

Clash of Clans


MEmu founded on the basis of OC Android 4.4.2. Loading systems in less than a minute, to be precise, 40 seconds at the account of the bench laptop configuration. This is quite a good result.

any special problems with the performance of this program, I did not feel. Quite the contrary – I Enjoy smooth transitions from application to application, and between screens MEmu, which is rare for Android (and even more so the emulator).

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The sensation did not disappoint, as MEmu well in synthetic tests. The Quadrant and AnTuTu Benchmark emulator earned exactly 5 700 and 70 000 points, respectively. While this record result among the tested programs. By the way, all the tests were carried out with disabled VT technology.

Test results:

version of the program

AnTuTu Benchmark
70 000

3.4.1 Build 1047
1250 and 1150


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In the active mode MEmu consumes 400 MB of RAM and up to 25% power Intel Core i5 4200M.


MEmu, probably one of the best OC Android emulator for Windows, which is to try everything. To begin with, that the application is an omnivore, copes with all existing games and programs, ensuring the best performance. He has a simple and intuitive interface, there are no problems or unnecessary features. In addition, the emulator is absolutely free. What else is required from these types of programs?

Although there were no comments. Note outdated version of the system, namely: Android 4.2.2. Still, Android L, or at least Android 4.4 KitKat it would be nicer to see on your screen. And in the absence of the Russian language is not happy. On this, perhaps, everything.

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