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Choose a task scheduler for android-devices, and not just “chaos control”, “Day by Day” and Daily –





Laboratory site continues to consider task schedulers for mobile devices based on the Android operating system.

Before reading this review, be sure to check с previous material , the characters of which were three popular scheduler: To Round, Wunderlist and Todoist. The program is very good account of themselves, each of them has its own piece, is not devoid of design and function.

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Our new review focuses on three other equally interesting and worthy of discussion, task scheduler. The first is “chaos control”. Inspires sounds, right? Immediately after, we take a look at the calendar with advanced settings “Day after day”. A complete our article Daily planner with calendar.

As the test equipment used smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V7 on OC Android 4.4.2, the Dalvik runtime, processor MediaTek MT6592 8 x 1700 MHz videosoprotsessor Mali-450 MP4 700 MHz, 2 GB of RAM) and smartphone Jinga Basco M500 3G (OC Android 5.1, the ART runtime, processor MediaTek MT6580 4 x 1300 MHz videosoprotsessor Mali-400 MP2, 1 GB of RAM).

Chaos Control: do list GTD


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The average person who lives station “home – work” is unlikely to need different schedulers tasks and time management program. Applications of this kind more relevant among businesses, public figures and other persons actively “storming” life. They certainly are a good judge. So let’s look at the application of the modern businessman, and Dmitry Tarasov Developer “chaos control”.

Key features of “chaos control” applications:

  • Synchronize data with an unlimited number of devices across all major platforms and mobile;

  • Projects and Contexts, based on the GTD methodology and complemented by the possibility of grouping by folders;

  • Place of Chaos – a special section of the application, where you can not put any sort tasks and notes to process them later;

  • Repetitive tasks;

  • Notes for tasks, projects, folders and contexts;

  • Flexible reminders about tasks;

  • Cloud storage;

  • Protection of application data using the PIN;

  • Export tasks to your device calendar

The functions in Chaos Control Premium.?:

  • Sync all your data between mobile and desktop devices that are running any modern operating system;

  • Cloud storage, in which you do not need to worry about their recovery in the case of device change;

  • Repeatable problems for management activities that take place on a regular basis;

  • Nested folders and contexts for easy organization structure your affairs;

  • Protection task lists using a PIN code.

Getting Started


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Once installed, the app “Chaos Control” ready to storm! We get to the main and only presented with the screen in the form of a calendar and a list of active tasks. You can flip through in chronological order and view in general terms.

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As the program is executed in modern style Material Design, understand it will not be difficult. To add a task, you must click on the corresponding icon with the cross and paint the problem in detail. It is noteworthy that the tasks can be divided into projects, each of which set the stage performance and the frequency of reminders.

Do not be amiss to function problems in the export calendar. Unlike similar applications are available for forwarding to any application with a calendar, not only in «Google Calendar».

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As I pointed out in “chaos control”, you can sort tasks by projects. a special section can be used for general or have not sorted out the tasks referred to as “Chaos place.” Folders and tasks can protect four-digit password, but the free version of the application is no such possibility.

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Another worth noting support for data synchronization that is assigned and completed tasks with other devices on the basis of OC Android, and iOS, Windows, Mac OS and even a web version (PRO version only). True to the great regret this feature is also present only in the extended version of the application.

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Of course, where we can disappear without a widget? With this there is no problem: there are two universal widget. The first displays all active tasks for today, and the second allows you to quickly jump to a specific program category.

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Free manager “chaos control” goals and objectives has support on the basis of hours of OC Android Wear.



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Application Settings “Chaos Control” can not even attend, especially the owners of the free version of the program. All we can do is set the display filter, configure synchronization, and set password protection.



application version

The size distribution

Application Size Installed
38 MB

RAM consumption
15-25 MB

With the operability “chaos control” on a variety of devices is no problem. However, I was not able to check the synchronization of tasks.


«Chaos Control” – laconic, quite functional and user-friendly application for the planning and installation of your life life goals. The program is designed in minimalist style, there is nothing superfluous – all on the case! Naturally, there are widgets. As for features, we have a data synchronization, flatbed version, support for Android Wear and more. In the program there is no advertising.

The only caveat, which should be made – in the free version we do not have the ability to synchronize your goals, and there is no protection, and cloud storage. And for the extended version will have to pay a one-time $ 9.99.

 245x245  21 KB

Skachat “Chaos control»
for android-devices
from Google Play

Скачать “Chaos Control PRO»
for android-devices
from Google Play

Skachat “Chaos control»
for Apple devices from iTunes

Скачать “Chaos Control»
for windows-devices from MS Store


Developer Tarasov Mobile.
Cost Normal version – free of charge;
Pro – $ 9.99.
Requirements To OC Android 4.0 and later.

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