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OnePlus is trying to make a full-fledged smartphone with a mark “flagship killer” from the very first day of its existence. The first series of the phone is almost showed the second definitely not, but now the company has all the chances to finally achieve success. The manufacturer offers the device for $ 399 (309 £), getting right on top of the bar



– a first-class performance;

– excellent build quality;

– basically runs on Android with some extra features original shell;

– support for two sIM cards;

. – price 399 $


– comes complete with a few minor errors;

– the limited memory capabilities;

– the charger does not work with all cables


OnePlus has entered the market with a third-generation flagship phone, and provided him with a first-class. complete set, excellent phone design and OxygenOS. In sum, it is easy to happy users for reasonable money. It is a pity that there is no choice for the memory options. Only available in the 64 GB model. Also included is a Super-fast charging, Super-fast but it is not for all regions, but only for those where the socket 220.

OnePlus 3: Review of the best android-phone  for 399 $


Last year OnePlus 2 was well built. Successor looks as though the days of sandstone and polycarbonate over. Version of this year is a classic aluminum body and a 5.5-inch AMOLED-display with a resolution of 1080p and very slightly curved panel Gorilla Glass 4. It looks beautiful. As the thickness of only 7.35 mm. Overall OnePlus 3 looks sleeker and more elegant than you would expect from a phone with a large screen.

The result is a beautiful, impeccably well-built smartphone. Some people are even mistaken him for the last device from HTC. It’s almost a compliment, considering that the Taiwanese company is a guarantee of high-quality assembly.

So, what’s inside OnePlus 3, is also very impressive. Each flagship Android this year’s dreams of quad-core processor from Qualcomm. And in addition to the Snapdragon 820 and Adreno 530 graphics chip OnePlus 3 also offers 6 GB (!) Of RAM. In fairness it should be noted that OnePlus 3 is not the first smartphone that we’ve seen this year with similar characteristics, but the same ZTE Axon 7 – is the flagship of which is already very different money

happy also. OnePlus 3 that is capable of receiving two nano-SIM-card for the service of several lines. It is a pity that the second slot for a SIM card you can not use a memory card. The drive is not “combo».

The rest of the specifications are fairly typical for a modern flagship phones. There is a port USB Type-C for charging and data transfer on the bottom Battery 3000 mAh inside, instant and accurate fingerprint sensor, located in the button Home, and a pair of touch navigation buttons on it.

Above the screen is the 8-megapixel selfie camera. Behind the main camera is 16 megapixels. Unlike last year, OnePlus 3 has a radio and NFC-chip to work with mobile payments Android Pay.

Display, sound and software

Trade-offs are inevitable. Because we did not see on the phone Quad HD display resolution. Only Full HD. Although instead of using the LCD IPS, as it was last year, the company went on to put the AMOLED-display. And the density of pixels per inch for the screen unit 401 is. At the height of the sharpness, brightness and color. The black color is particularly deep. White pretty clear by default. You also have the opportunity to display warmer or cooler depending on your preferences.

 OnePlus 3: review of the best android-phone

From the sound of things are not so good. OnePlus 3 has only one speaker, and he is not much better than in the year. Audio is usually pretty clean, though professional and can not be called as the headphones, and without them. Equalizer MaxxAudio, which we received in OnePlus 2, in the opener conspicuously absent, so you can not adjust the sound level right out of the box.

The smartphone runs on Android 6.0.1 with a proprietary shell OxygenOS. This is a slightly modified version of Android with a lot of additional features, such as better trimming widgets and backgrounds.

camera, performance and battery life

Manufacturers of smartphones They agonize over their cameras due to the fact that the benefits are obvious to the user. OnePlus has been limited to the cost, so it has established a 16-megapixel sensor from Sony, and that is enough for high-quality photos. The colors are bright and mostly well-saturated, with a respectable amount of detail. Throw in optical image stabilization and auto focus with the definition phase, and come to the conclusion that the photos are done almost instantly. Do not forget about the LED backlight.

OnePlus killed laser autofocus module of OnePlus 2. The cost of this component is too large, a little good. In addition, the phone comes with a manual mode that offers access to ISO, shutter speed, exposure and focus. Fortunately, the shooting in full auto mode is also good enough to deal with the settings.

The same can be said about the 8-megapixel front-facing camera, which offers a beautiful selfie images. There is an option for smile detection mode, which, as a rule, does a fine job, revealing a smile on your face, and may include a timer to 3 seconds on their own after that.

As you would expect from a phone with a decent list of specifications, OnePlus 3 just flies. Smartphone pulls any 3D-games without any hint of snubs. Multi-tasking gadget is huge, and it’s all for nine hours and 56 minutes without recharging. Although his predecessor worked for 50 minutes more, but he and the battery is greater than 300 mAh.

Charge at VOOC smartphone. This technology OPPO. The gadget uses a fast current of 4 A, but with a regular voltage of 5 V, making the device free from overheating. The disadvantage of this is that you need to use the supplied USB cable with 7-pin connector, to make full use of the charger. Others are not suitable for charging at the same speed. Than it threatens in case of a breakdown? That’s right, it is difficult to find in stores.


None of the phone is not perfect, and OnePlus 3 is not perfect. But the role of “flagship killer” fits well, as it offers all the same as the flagship, with the exception of often unnecessary options, without which the user can complete and do (waterproof, oxygen sensor, the screen curvature, professional stereo). Looking after all, in fact, only the phone itself performance, high-quality assembly, optimal design and long battery life, plus reliable camera and enough space to store files recorded with the help of it. Here it all together with a good software and offers OnePlus 3 and could easily be considered one of the best phones of the year among midrendzherov

Author:. Stepan Mazur

Original photos: engadget


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