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Garden №93. About innovations Android N – Mobile-review

19 June 2016

Ilya Subbotin

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A look at the new features in Android N on the eve of the release <. / p>


Android OS is constantly developing, acquiring new software features and support for the new” iron “, the new rules of security and patch vulnerabilities. Google has turned out to work out a stable release schedule, which fits perfectly into a major update to the seventh version -. Android N

The first preview version for developers saw the light of the ninth of March. In addition to the expected factory images for the Nexus devices are often perceived as a kind of reference point for the developers, the latest build can be installed “over the air” through Android Beta Program program.

Although the preliminary version of the software, the main changes in the Android N for the next 12 months are obvious. What to expect users to their devices?


Many window

One of the most notable innovations will support multiple windows. The number of pixels in the Android-devices has increased significantly, especially if we talk about Quad HD screens screens at the top solutions, so the useful application of this “new” pixels for parallel running applications provide the user greater flexibility and more confident control of the operation of the device. This step corresponds with the Android concept of a “full” operating system capable of necessity to work as a complete system on a PC


All this will be complemented by the regime “hidden window” allows you to define windows of different sizes and display more than two windows on a single page. It is safe to expect that as the convergence Android and Chrome OS, this setting will give PHABLET and tablets on Android maximal sense of work as a PC. As with all the “chips” All Android, each manufacturer will decide whether or not to include these features in their devices, but most likely, Google will actively promote them, so manufacturers are unlikely to want to remain “behind” after the rejection of such innovations.

Notifications, better and faster

The use of the notification as a way to keep abreast of their virtual life Android has become a pioneer. Other mobile platforms follow a similar scenario use notifications that offers an alternative to a permanent return to the cycle of the home table, open the application to check for events, return to the home table and switch to another application.

Notifications enable applications to tell you (centrally, in one place) of various events and actions. Android N will make them even richer, and will allow users to interact with them directly from the notification of the window, whether it’s an answer, “Like” or editing. No more need to open the application to perform certain actions. It should attract the attention of Android to the style and speed in the virtual world, which increasingly focuses on social networks and connected applications.

Energy Saving

Everyone wants to have a more “durable” smart phones. The obvious solution is to “increase” the battery, which is comparable to the increase in the fuel tank in the truck. Yes, it is feasible, but not everyone wants to ride on the Ford F-150. As long as designers and manufacturers will not stop cycles on slim, considering only its driving force behind the design of modern smartphones autonomy improvement will really only be achieved by more efficient power usage.


For this purpose, and intended Doze function, which was announced on the Android 6 Marshmallow Google engineers its OS in the seventh version have halved the number of used background. . applications, processing power and bandwidth Because the new emphasis on multitasking ability to monitor what is happening in the background is to provide full-time on a single charge with the active use

traffic Less -. more savings

More one important user resource -. the data link speed to maintain the image of Android as a friendly platform is important to control the amount of the requested data unit, which is especially important in countries with expensive and / or slow connection iOS has no effect on the vehicles market without a SIM to a hundred dollars. ., so that it is more than fertile ground for Google was not without competitors (in the BRICS countries actively promoted numerous “forks» Android), but ahead – the hearts and minds, who need to win once and for all. Also, the rules of etiquette do only what the user wants from the phone, especially for traffic use of a dedicated volume

Community emotions

Here and new emoticons -. Unicode Consortium creation, the language of the new century, an indispensable part of the OS. With support for Unicode 9.0 in the Android N will “multitude” of new emoticons, including often referred meme about bacon, more similar to human smiling faces and a tool for choosing color to personalize the appearance of a smiley face.


What is N?

The name of the new version, the most popular question about the new version of Android, or at least one of the” sick “questions. New version of Android so far is coded index N, and even Google and closed the site on which gathered suggestions for a new name, but the name of another dessert to indicate the update has not yet opened.


As always, the main problem is the slow nature of its deployment of the ecosystem. Now the update is available for download, you can take a chance, if your device is in the list of supported models, and if you are willing to rely on potentially unstable code. Everyone else will have to wait. Manufacturers have access to the Android N in late summer, some more time will be spent on the certification of operators. For owners of the latest device update “over the air” will be available in early 2017

The original material, the author -.. Evan Spence

The buzz surrounding Android N continues to gain momentum, but we can already said that Google engineers have done a lot of work on the introduction of new “chips” in the system and improve the user experience, whether it’s six modes of alerts, or wrapped in a veil of secrecy Project Svelte. Perhaps many people are disappointed in a major upgrade, but I want to believe that N will be able to contribute to the popularity of Android. As we approach the announcement, we are likely to learn about all the details of the new version, including the nagging name for the new version.

Are you waiting for an update or consider it a passing or carrying something radically new?


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