Monday, June 20, 2016

Android-app c Google Play came to Chrome OS – Ferra

As expected, the Google began distributing a new opportunity for the Chromebook, notebooks based on Chrome OS – the ability to access the Android-applications in a simplified mode, directly through the store Google Play applications. The first Chromebook with the ability to use Google Play and Android applications became ASUS Chromebook Flip.

also among the models with the early support of this function are registered Google Chromebook Pixel for 2015 and Acer Chromebook R11. They have a new opportunity to appear in the near future, since the update release date for them is designated as “mid 2016″.

The rest of the Chromebook should get an update at the end of 2016. The first support for Google Play is prepared with a touch-screen laptops. However, in the end, Google Play can be used on the Chromebook without a touchscreen, although not all Android-apps at the same time will be available.


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