Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Android gets patches to fix serious flaws in the server driver – http://json.tv/ (press release) (Registration)

Download security patches for June on the Android eliminates nearly two dozen vulnerabilities in the system drivers for the various hardware components from multiple chipset vendors. A lot or a little? Just enough to have had the opportunity to hackers eight times guaranteed to withdraw funds from your bank account through your phone and leave the 28 spies to monitor your activities to further theft. In theory.

The greatest number of critical vulnerabilities and high severity defects have been fixed in the driver of Qualcomm’s, including a video driver, sound driver, the driver of the GPU, Wi-Fi driver, and the driver for the camera. Some of these vulnerabilities could allow malicious applications to introduce malicious code into the kernel that would take under the control of the entire device.

The same high-risk flaws were fixed in the Broadcom driver for Wi-Fi, NVIDIA camera and power management MediaTek. These vulnerabilities may allow conventional applications privileged access to system settings that they should not have. In some cases, these shortcomings allowed to affect the core code. And affect the core code – it’s like to hand your phone to a stranger and wonder where they come from bills for unauthorized calls that you did not commit

 Android received patches to fix serious flaws  in the server drivers and the media

All of these vulnerabilities are flaws with a warning that the processor manufacturers should put more effort into testing their code, which usually consists of drivers, working in the most privileged areas of the operating system. There should be a strict control of, or a defect of one company could jeopardize all: and representatives of other affiliates companies and the users themselves, who carelessly trust their security in the hands of producers

In addition to correcting 21 vulnerabilities in the system. drivers for various hardware components from multiple chipset vendors Google has recorded more than a dozen flaws in Mediaserver component. One of the most important component is a high risk that handles audio and video files on Android. So the company is working on strengthening software for Mediaserver over the past year among the first.

A critical vulnerability has been fixed in libwebm, which allows applications to execute code in the context of Mediaserver process, having special privileges.

in addition, the lack of high risk was observed in a layer of emulation SD-card, another drawback moderate level fell within the user interface, as well as another one in the activity of the manager.

Google has released a firmware update Android on Monday for supported devices Nexus: Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P. The company also informed the device manufacturer about these issues back on May 2 that they can prepare their own firmware updates.

 Android received patches to fix serious flaws  in the server driver

The patches will be released within the project Android Open Source (AOSP) for the next 48 hours.

Why is this important? Although, if only because we are accustomed to trust the phones such intimate things as the management of a bank account, personal correspondence with friends and lovers (including intimate photos), as well as access to work e-mail or bills. You, as any reasonable person want to make sure that your Android-phone or tablet is safe enough to work safely with these gadgets.

Author: Stepan Mazur

Original photos: pcworld


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