Saturday, June 18, 2016

During the year, Google has paid more than half a million dollars in the art, to identify vulnerabilities in Android –


A year ago, Google launched a program Android Security Rewards, in which it stimulates to identify vulnerabilities in the Android operating system as its employees and freelance professionals.


For the detection of certain gaps in the protection system, Android, anyone can get a cash reward. Since the launch of Google paid on Android Security Rewards program 550 thousand. Dollars, which has been listed 82 experts. The last total found more than 250 vulnerabilities. The average size of payments totaled $ 2,200 for each report and $ 6,700 per person.


The most active was the man under the nickname @heisecode, which Google preostavil 26 records and received remuneration totaling 75,750 dollars. 15 people received $ 10,000 and more.


In addition, Google announced the increase in the size of the maximum payout for identifying critical vulnerabilities from 3000 to 4000 dollars.


Source: Android Developer Blog


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