Sunday, June 19, 2016

All Android-supported computer applications began – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)

 Asus Flip

As the company promised earlier, Google launched a support for Android-applications for devices running second from developing search giant’s operating systems – Chrome OS. Earlier work designed for smartphones and planeshetov application on the computer has been shown by the video. The first and so far the only computer for which such support is implemented, was the Asus Chromebook Flip.

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Furthermore, the topic has been discussed in detail in the published resource illustrated notes Petrovana Bogdan (Bogdan Petrovan ) «Support for Android apps is rolling out to Chromebook Flip».

Members Chromebook Flip on the Reddit report that were able to install Android-application. This possibility became part of the upgrade Chrome OS 53 through the channel.

designed for developers According to these reports in the Reddit , it is assumed that somewhere in the middle of June this year, two other Chromebook will also receive the ability to install applications for Android. This is the Acer Chromebook R11 and Google Pixel 2015. However, at the moment this functionality for them has not yet been realized, even if a recent update.

Currently, it is unclear whether Flip the preferred device for the new functionality or Acer Chromebook 11 and Pixel 2015 will find it just a little bit later.

If the user has a Chromebook Flip, it has the ability to test the Android-apps in the Chrome OS, switching to a channel for developers of this operating system. This can be done only to those users who do not mind the fact that this channel is for beta testing. This means that confidence in the stable operation of the software is not and can not

Many applications -. They include and the game – work perfectly, but get updates users have reported also that other applications or not work at all, or are malfunctioning.

However, this is to be expected. It will take months to ensure that developers have fixes that will overcome the problem of Android-compatible apps with Chrome OS. Thus, computers a Chromebook, most likely, begin to resemble the plates, and they can run many applications originally designed exclusively for smartphones.

Many other Soup running Chrome OS, likely will find compatible with Android Supplement this year, but a little bit later. A list of these devices, users can be found on Google’s support page.

Today, it remains only to expect the official announcement, which could be the opening of a new page in the history of computers – the emergence of a new popular operating system for PCs with a huge variety of applications. The combination of the notebook features two operating systems can be a convenient solution for many users.

Among the Chromebook there are some that have premium hardware features.

Will support laptops Android-application of important advantage in the eyes of users?


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