Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dangerous Android-virus steals passwords from the “VKontakte” – BBC News

The specialists of “Doctor Web” found on the Google Play store a malicious program that steals passwords from accounts “VKontakte”. Posing as an application for downloading music from the social network ( “Music of the EC”), the virus penetrates to the Android-powered device, steals logins and passwords, and then sends them to malicious users.

The experts have christened the new Trojan Android. PWS.Vk.3. The Google Store “Music of the VC” is placed on behalf of a developer MixHard, who no longer has other applications. According to the statistics, it has been downloaded at least 10,000 times

After installing the “music player” asks users to enter a username and password from the account “VKontakte” -. To access the list of recordings. “Music of the EC” in fact, allows you to listen to music, but the credentials she secretly sends hackers to remote server.

According to the company, Android.PWS.Vk.3 authors have tried to sell the hacked accounts on various underground hacking forums. “In addition, cybercriminals can use the stolen accounts and independently, for example, for wrapping the popularity of different groups and communities in the network ‘VKontakte’”, – experts said

The specialists of “Doctor of the Web” and warned of another potential. “bad” program – “Music and video for VC”, which is distributed on behalf of Gomunkul developer. As long as the application does not contain an explicit “Trojan” functionality, but it can start its malicious actions at any time, if the creators of change “only one option, and will release a corresponding update”.

Representatives of “Doctor the Web” notified company the presence of the virus on Google Play, but at the time of this writing, the malicious program was still available for download from the store

. Source: press release Dr.Web


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