Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Google Android as the main tank – Gazette

This week, research firm TNS for the first time reported, how many people in Russian cities are the largest Internet services with both desktop computers and smartphones and tablets. Data on computers and laptops have been in the past, but how is increasing the total audience sites by mobile users for the first time became known.

Total in Russian cities with a population of over 700 000 people, according to TNS data, at least once a month visit online 22.4 million users, or 87% of the population 12-64 years, daily – 20.2 million, or 78.2% of the population (hereinafter data for April of this year). Just imagine: almost 80% of the population, including children, sitting in the internet on a daily basis.

And RuNet growing population is now only at the expense of people who come in with a network of smartphones and tablets. Many general use only mobile internet. This may be a social networking application or game, and so on. N. Sometimes a person is looking for an address on a smartphone shop or restaurant. The number of these exclusive mobile users increased by 1.6 times over the year, and of those who go online only from desktop computers and laptops, by contrast, has decreased by 16%.

Russian Internet companies already earn solid money mobile traffic: to “Yandex” is about a fifth of all income for Group, according to analysts, about 45% of advertising revenue. The bad news is that they are more mobile users far behind from Google. As a result, the audience Runet three Internet companies, as shown by new TNS data, is now caught up, and in April, Google was ahead of the monthly audience of “Yandex”, albeit with a small margin.

The main weapon of the foreign intervention in runet – smartphones on Android. Most often, they are cheaper than Apple phones and more popular among Russians. This operating system is tuned specifically so as to maximize plant person on Google services – they should help to him from morning till night. As a result, Google gets a certain number of casual users – someone just check in the morning the weather widget on your smartphone. But coverage of the US company is growing, and some of the casual users over time becomes active and loyal audience. “Yandex” has it all sees and fights as you can, including with the involvement of public resources. The Russian company complained to the FAS, and the service is about to announce a penalty to be paid Google for abuse of dominant position. Does this Android rink stay? Hardly.

But in 2005, when Google Android paid for about $ 50 million and announced that it will build on the basis of an open mobile platform, Internet search engine have criticized the nines – few I believed that it would work, and that the company has not wasted your money. Top managers openly mocked Samsung Android. In a few years, and Google will start to make using Android tens of billions of dollars. In 2010, Google’s vice president will call it a better deal for the acquisition of the company for all the time.

It’s funny, but the purchase of the iPhone or the Chinese Xiaomi Phone in Russia are now almost an act of patriotism.


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