Thursday, June 30, 2016

Google released the name of the new version of the Android operating system – TASS

NEW YORK, June 30. / Corr. Kirill Volkov TASS /. US Google Inc. released the name of the new version of its mobile operating system Android, formerly known under the letter designation N. operating system, which is still in the testing phase, will be called Nougat, reported on Thursday by representatives of the company.

Google has traditionally gives versions Android “sweet” name. So, in light of already out running Donut ( “donut”), Eclair ( “Eclair”), Gingerbread ( “Gingerbread”), Lollipop ( “Candy”), Marshmallow ( “Zephyr”).

In this time the company made it possible to come up with a name for Android N users who sent various options in Google “sweet” names that begin with the letter N. “Introducing Android Nougat, – stated in the corporation a statement posted on its page on the microblogging network Twitter – Thank you. thee, and peace for all your ideas of “sweet” names “.

One of the main innovations of this version of Android will be the special regimes, which according to the developers, to optimize energy consumption and reduce the load on working memory. In Google also promised to add to the new OS the ability to encrypt individual files, not the entire unit as a whole. Android Nougat, is expected to be released in late summer or early autumn this year.

Google October 2, 2015 completed the restructuring of its management structure and became one of the Alphabet holding assets. Executive Director of the latter was the co-founder of Google Larry Page. The second co-founder Sergey Brin received a post of the president of the new company.


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