Monday, June 27, 2016

As before the sale of Android-smartphone really remove all the personal data –

You are mistaken if you think that the smart phone running Android is enough to perform “reset” settings on the “factory” – and all your personal files will be permanently removed.

As researchers have pointed out repeatedly, the user tells the system “daring”, it actually does not delete anything. It marks only the physical space, which was previously occupied by the files marked “here can be written-that.” If “over” nothing was written, then, having the right and not too sophisticated tools, these files can be read as if they were not removed (well, most of them).

So if you give or sell your old “droid” and “at the end” would be quite curious and trained person, it is effortlessly able to assume many of your supposedly deleted photos, videos, documents, etc. ., Etc.

The nearest analogy is with throwing papers in the trash – putting them in a basket in the office, you do not get rid of all papers, because in acute desire to “lost” quite easily return. And even from the tank in the yard, too (well, if you really need). And only when the paper be loaded into a car and taken away far away, mixed with tons of other waste – if and only if it is safe to say that from the documents you got rid of almost all

Since the “roll into a garbage truck” personal. files on Android?

encrypt smartphone

All current versions of Android (since Gingerbread, ie 2.3.x) supports full encryption of “disk”. The sixth version of encryption is even enabled by default. To get to the settings and turn on the encryption can be on this (or similar, depending on the manufacturer) path: Settings & gt; Security & gt; . Encrypt phone

The smartphone is likely to ask you to use all the time full password “razlochivaniya” device – this is the main reason why many do not encrypt the contents of their “Droid”, because it is very much tedious to enter each time this combination . However, in this case, the password should not be an obstacle – you encrypt the contents of the smartphone only once

And then follow the normal reset procedure on the “factory” (Factory Reset), as do all human beings before. how to give away or sell your Android someone built. After completing this striking combination of encryption and reset all the settings, you are, in fact, do not just throw away their “office documents” in the trash – you have previously run them through a shredder. Restore from scraps of documents is possible, but very, very hard.

Overwrite data

If you really have something to hide and you suspect that for smartphone content hunts NSA USA, then you can to go even further. Please encrypt a smartphone, then reset to factory settings, and then – attention – take another step that’s for sure, and 100% “overwrite” data

Re-enable smartphone, set it up without getting into. Google his uchetku, including video recording and video clips hammer all the available space.

Then again encrypt a smartphone and once again reset all settings to factory default. All congratulations – now your files to exactly no one gets. Even the US NSA. At least, until your files that are on your phone …

What do iPhone owners?

In all iPhone encryption is already included so that users of Apple products lucky. In addition, we have already written to them a large text, which gathered everything you need to know: “Cooking the old iPhone for resale or exchanged for iPhone 6s – eight steps”



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