Monday, July 4, 2016

Experts have called the two safest brand of Android-smartphone – BBC News

Security problems continue to plague the Android operating system. The main reason -. Unpreparedness of most smartphone makers quickly to patch holes, detects and actively used by hackers

At the same time, there are two brands of machines that at the height of the safety – at least at the maximum height for the mobile platform Google. They called recently Gal Benjamin, a recognized expert in the field of computer security, introduced by Qualcomm in its “Safety Hall of Fame products”.

Benjamin argues that taking care of the security of their data, users should only buy phones Google Nexus line or Samsung. “Nexus”, is known to be the first to receive Google’s update “over the air”, so any detected system vulnerabilities will be patched to them in the first place.

The Korean manufacturer, high-end sales in the global smartphone market, also not far behind from Google to update the firmware of their vehicles, because it has huge resources and expertise, including in the field of software development

Benjamin notes that the testing of smart phones of different brands in January and is now revealed:. More all “holes” that remained uncovered six months ago, to the present moment “patched” it is on the Nexus and the latest models of Samsung devices

Source:. Android Authority


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