Thursday, July 28, 2016

Google Docs and Sheets for Android now supports add-ons – (press release) (Registration)

It has been over two years since then, as the Google added support for add-ons to their office services, Google Docs and Sheets, which allow you to integrate third-party tools for sorting sheets, adding fonts in documents or simply create forms, merge labels, the use of additional types of charts and more.

Now, Google Docs and Sheets for Android also supports add-ons.

There are nine available at the start of additions, including additions by DocuSign (digital form of “signature” of documents), «Scanbot» (for scanning documents using optical character recognition) and AppSheet (to turn the tables in a mobile application).

Each add-in should be installed as a standalone application to work with Google Docs and Sheets for Android. You can find affordable additions to the Play Store a library or open a document or spreadsheet on your phone or tablet, pressing the 3-point icon in the menu and selecting “Add-ons” to get a reference to the Play Store, showing only the applications that can be integrated with the application that you are using (for Docs or Sheets).

Google is developing this system to smooth the dominance of office programs on the Microsoft .

Download the supplement for documents . here

Meet with information for developers here

Author:. Stepan Mazur

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