Saturday, July 9, 2016

The malware has infected millions of Android smartphones – BBC Russian

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Image caption Google has stated that long known about this family of malicious software

Up 10 million smartphones running the Android operating system, infected with a virus that “winds” of advertising banners attendance counter and redirect users to advertising sites, say in computer-security experts.

a malicious program also secretly installs unauthorized applications and track preferences of owners of infected devices.

It brings creators about 300 thousand dollars in revenue per month, according to a study conducted independently by two anti-virus laboratories Checkpoint and Lookout.

Most of the infected phone sold in China and also in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Malicious software, known as a rootkit, is embedded in the operating system, and transmits the attackers control of the smartphone due to present in older versions of Android loopholes.

The virus is difficult to detect and neutralize. “He can stay active, even if the user performs a factory reset your phone to factory settings,” – Kristi Edwards wrote of Lookout antivirus lab.

Google has stated that long known about this family of malicious software and improve methods for their detection.

In a new security update for Android, which was published this month, eliminated more than a hundred of the operating system vulnerabilities, Google said in a statement.


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