Monday, July 4, 2016

Named the most secure Android-smartphone –

The safest Android-smartphone

Researchers from the company Duo Security, specializing in information security, was named the safest, in their view, smart phones on the Android platform . They were the Samsung Galaxy devices and “reference» Nexus smartphones developed by Google and is equipped with a “naked» Android.

The assessment was made based on the presence of all issued to date patches for security vulnerabilities.

Have recent patch

Analysts in particularly interested in two recent vulnerabilities: CVE-2015-6639, for which a patch was released in January 2016 and CVE-2016-2431, «patch» for which came out in May of this year. The first vulnerability could allow an attacker to increase the privileges in the system, the second – to circumvent the protection of encryption and access data on the mobile device.

According to Duo Security, in May 2016 at 75% of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 all the latest patches have been installed, including patches to address these vulnerabilities. In January 2016 these “patches” were not on any smartphone Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 named one of the most secure Android-smartphone

the same figure for smartphone Nexus – in May 2016 75% of the devices all the patches, the researchers reported were installed

for one of the most secure Android-smartphone analysts also ranked Samsung Galaxy S5, but the share of these devices that all patches are installed. , lower than that mentioned above -. 45%

Conclusion investigators

«Based on the results of our research, without any reservations, we can only recommend Android-smartphone Samsung and Nexus. Because their manufacturers try to how to provide the owners of all the security updates as soon as possible “, – said Duo Security

The company added that Samsung and Nexus are their favorites in this regard for a long time

Collecting statistics

Duo Security discovers configuration information on smartphones by collecting anonymous statistics, which occurs when you install its app on your mobile device. The company did not specify by how much they collect data devices. They only said that the Galaxy S6 only in their base is half a million, and that this “is the most popular device in the database».


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