Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chinese virus has infected more than 10 million devices on Android – Kommersant

Chinese HummingBad virus has infected more than 10 million devices on Android. The virus installs a program that gives an attacker unauthorized access to administrator permissions on the device, and is on the advertising links, bringing developers to the virus up to $ 300 thousand. Per month.

Today resource CNET reported that Chinese HummingBad virus has infected more than 10 million mobile devices running the Android OS. Resource presents data referring to the investigation of Check Point Israeli company specializing in computer security. It is reported that the virus was first detected in February, but in mid-May the number of infected devices, they sharply increased, surpassing 10 million. It is reported that the virus can enter the phone through hidden download when visiting a number of sites, including pornography. Another way – the user is thrown banner warning of the threat to his unit and asked to download security software. Penetrating into the phone, the virus installs a program that gives its developers administrative privileges on the device. In addition, the mobile device starts to go on the advertising links, which gives developers the virus basic income.

It is reported that the development of the virus is the Chinese advertising agency Yingmob. “This company has multiple development teams that create legal instruments tracking user behavior on the Internet and advertising platform, – the Israeli kompaniya.- But there is the team that is responsible for the development of malware, employs about 25 people in it.” According to Check Point estimates, applications and promotional tools by Yingmob installed on 85 million devices on Android, of which 10 million – malware. It is reported that the virus struck HummingBad most devices in China (1.6 million) and India (1.4 million). In the list of 20 countries with the largest number of affected devices have Turkey (450 ths.), The USA (287 thousand.), Russia (208 thous.), Egypt (140 thous.), Ukraine (117 thousand.). Half of the infected devices are working on a version of Android KitKat, 40% – JellyBean, on Lollipop accounted for 7% of infected devices, Ice Cream Sandwich – 2%, Marshmallow – 1%. Israeli company says that this is one of the most highly virus attacks, arranged, in addition, an advertising agency, to work legally. In this regard, the researchers fear that the example of the Chinese companies to install the virus to profit from advertising approaches can benefit and other unscrupulous companies.

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