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Select a skin for android-devices: Hola Launcher, Atom Launcher and Action Launcher 3 –





Laboratory site continues to acquaint its readers with relevant enclosures for android-devices.

Such a huge number of applications, even if only to consider Programs- “one million”. Actually, we did act. The current trio of participants was three actual “launcher”, which are in great demand among users of mobile solutions based on the Android OS. For example, Hola Launcher downloaded over 100 million times. A company he will ensure uniform and restrained shell Atom Launcher and Action Launcher 3.

600x293 158 KB Big one:. 1024x500 351 KB


However, before proceeding to review the heroes, be sure to pay attention to other materials on the choice of the best shell for android-gadgets.

As the test equipment used smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Note (Miui V8 on OC Android 4.4.2, the Dalvik runtime, processor MediaTek MT6592, 8 x 1700 MHz videosoprotsessor Mali-450 MP4, 700 MHz, 2 GB RAM) and Jinga Basco M500 3G (OC Android 5.1, runtime ART, processor MediaTek MT6580, 4 x 1300 MHz, videosoprotsessor Mali-400 MP2, 1 GB of RAM), and the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (CM 13 based OC Android 6.0.1, the runtime ART, TI OMAP 4430 processor, 2 x 1200 MHz, PowerVR videosoprotsessor 540, 384 MHz, 1 GB of RAM).

Hola Launcher


600x292 136 KB




Hola Launcher downloaded from Google Play 100 million times, what can I say? Sense granted and proceed to the consideration of this shell.


Features free shell Hola Launcher:

  • Search – slide your finger down the screen to quickly find the applications, contacts and websites. Available voice search.

  • Safe Hola – Protect privacy, move two fingers up to hide or add applications that should not be visible on the desktop
  • .

  • Accelerator – free up memory (RAM) and speed up the work at the touch of a smartphone
  • .

  • Personalization – free of charge and for all to download, install and use high quality themes, wallpapers and fonts. New items every Friday.

  • Screen lock – set addition Hola Screen lock for tools, double-click – locks the screen, empty the power button and to extend its service life
  • .

  • Weather forecast – through visual weather report for the next six days (supported by some cities)
  • .

  • Notifications – never miss important messages from friends and family thanks to the notifications from the desktop icons for calls, SMS and other applications
  • .

  • Smart Folders – Hola help you make automatic distribution of applications to your phone was clean and tidy
  • .

  • Heart Attachment – open for themselves new high-quality application every day, without looking at the app store

Getting Started


«Start» in the classic application, therefore miss all the official and go to the main screen. It is made without any chips, features and differences from a dozen other skins.

253x449 200 KB Big one:. 720x1280 1151 KB

Appearance Hola Launcher on your phone screen to 5.5.


In fact, what stands out free shell Hola Launcher from C Launcher, Line Launcher or GO Launcher? By and large – nothing.

And it’s sad, because the developers do not show imagination in creating their products, but simply copy already created solutions and use marketing miracles. Actually, what happened with Hola Launcher.

253x449 83 KB Big one:. 720x1280 525 KB  253x449  204 KB Big one:. 720x1280 1183 KB

253x449 85 KB Big one:. 720x1280 436 KB  253x449  56 KB Big one:. 720x1280 198 KB


The shell had a classic layout: desktops and menus with installed applications. Each desktop has a search bar, the good of it, you can hide, “dock bar” with five labels, and application icons, folders, and widgets. We can change the grid of icons and stuff like that.

At first glance, we face a classic jacket with a beautiful weather widget unusual icons and the panel with the tools in the “status bar”.

253x449 119 KB Big one:. 720x1280 653 KB  253x449  111 KB Big one:. 720x1280 552 KB


Oh, yeah, the leftmost desktop with news summary – analogue Google Now. In fairness, I will say that this feature is made easier and more beautiful than all competitors. Any news you can immediately open the built-in menu, add to favorites and share it with your friends. In addition, we ourselves can choose the news categories offered.

Menu applications appears as a vertical list of programs. There is an alphabetical search, the search string and the number of icons with advertising applications – where are we without advertising? Perhaps that is so, and think developers. But that’s okay, because in Hola Launcher no advertising banners, and other nasty things, that’s it for the developers is to say thank you.

253x431 73 KB Big one:. 600x1024 305 KB  253x431  70 KB Big one:. 600x1024 278 KB

Appearance + Home Launcher on the tablet with 7.0-inch screen.


Hola Launcher can be installed on the tablet, but it looks awful spectacle. Not only does the desktop grid can not be set more than six labels in width, so more pixels and menu items scattered on the big screen.

It’s over the same, the Hola Launcher was left without support. For the shell, there are several thousands of different decorations. They change the background wallpaper, as well as replace the icons of installed applications. It is a pity that the architecture and menu elements remains the same. By the way, there is a shop with wallpaper.

507x300 99 KB


I’m From additional funds Hola Launcher can note manager for RAM cleaning, a search bar, which has a dedicated widget, and “defender” of applications. All three of these options will replace the three applications and it does not work worse than the majority of similar programs in the Google Play. For example, the built-in “defender” is not inferior to its functionality App Protector app, обзор which my colleague did earlier.

Back in Hola Launcher has a shop with applications, games, “Bones”, “Slot” and other trash. But like we will not focus and immediately transfer those labels in the trash.



253x449 27 KB Big one:. 720x1280 79 KB  253x449  31 KB Big one:. 720x1280 96 KB


Settings Hola Launcher neatly divided into relevant categories, and something interesting there really is. I will not surprise you the ability to change the font color and similar trifles, and talk about the more useful features, such as automatic wallpaper changing, turning effect, displaying notifications and support for gestures. You should also mention the blocking and charging manager screen, which increases the speed of charging. Of course, we understand the physics do not cheat and this is another gimmick to attract attention minded users.



To work envelope Hola Launcher did not have any complaints, because it never reboots, he never “took off” and did not force me to do extra movements. Jobs – offset, animation – plus, and other times at a decent level.

application version

The size distribution
4.5 MB

Application Size Installed
10.6 MB

RAM consumption
50-70 MB


Hola Launcher – Mighty, but does not stand out from the “launcher” crowd for android-devices. The shell is not bad, the average includes the appearance and the required number of functions.

What is something specific to say about it is difficult, because it does not contain any distinguishing points in comparison with their competitors (for example, with the same Line Launcher ). The only advantage of the shell – a small amount of advertising and the lack of paid features.

 245x245  26 KB

Skachat Hola Launcher
for android-devices
from Google Play


Developer Holaverse.
Cost FREE.
Requirements for OC Android 2.3.3 and later.

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