Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How informally set Pokémon GO on Android and iOS – guide –

Pokémon GO is officially available, even in Western Europe, to say nothing about Latvia. Usually we sharply against the “left” to install applications on smartphones – this may void the warranty, viruses and just technical issues, which are often difficult to deal with, but in the case of Pokemon GO decided to make an exception.

However, once we emphasize – “left” manipulation and software installation, bypassing the app store or change the “home country” in the Apple App Store could void the warranty and technical problems. Proceed at your own risk, and we wash our hands.


On Android install Pokémon GO is not too difficult. To do this, you need to download a so-called APK-file with the game. This can be done with APK Mirror, which puts the file looks like the developer himself. Not swinging from other sources already have cases of infection of the virus file.

To install the file, you must “tell” the smartphone, it’s “ok” to take programs from third-party sources. To do this, go to Settings, then Security tab (Security) and look there is something that resembles “Unknown source” option or the “Unknown sources”. Perhaps the smartphone will require a reboot.

Then, connect your smartphone to your computer and upload previously downloaded APK-file. It should install without problems -., It provided that you have a version of Android 4.4 or higher


Installing Pokémon GO on iOS (8.0+, ie IPhone 4+) requires you fool Apple – or you need to change your location on the country in which the game is officially available, or it is necessary to create a new Apple ID, specifying that state. In the first case, you lose the game and the programs that are already, but they will be updated only if available in the “new” country. In the second case, the entire library will be temporarily lost – unless you change your Apple ID on the “home”

In any case, we recommend as a new country to choose not the United States, and New Zealand

<.. p> to create a new account, open the settings, log out of your Apple ID, then click “create a new Apple ID” and specify that you are living in new Zealand. When Apple will require a payment method, select None, that to address – Google to help you get away completely any public address any ministry or museum

To change your country of residence, go to Settings, and then in iTunes & amp;. Apple Store, there click on your your Apple ID and select View. Then: Country / Region – & gt; Change Country / Region. Select New Zealand that will allow you not to enter a credit card number, but the address of you still require. Look it up in Google.

After that, go to the AppStore and install a game. Shopping for real money in it, of course, will be available to you.

P.S. By the way, if you have questions or simply the desire to hang out with the fans of the game, the first coming Sunday gathering Pokemon Go fans will be held in Verman Park. Details – in our news



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