Friday, July 29, 2016

Android-application allows you to watch YouTube-video from … – BBC News

On the Android-smartphone went Flytube application through which users can watch videos on YouTube multitasking – for example, during Internet browsing. The new program operates on a “picture in picture”: the video plays in a small pop-up window that appears on top of any other application or the home screen

If the window obscures the view, you can freely move to another corner or decrease (. paid feature). Flytube run every time a user clicks on a link to YouTube. In some cases (such as when the video is embedded directly in the web page) Flytube can be called via the Share button.

There is one caveat: Flytube works only when the screen is turned on and the Android-powered device is not locked. As explained by the developer, YouTube’s Terms of Service do not allow video playback in the background, so it is impossible to implement such a function, otherwise it will disable the program from accessing the Google service API.

Flytube available for download from Google Play. The program is free, but the built-buy (about $ 1.2) allows you to disable ads, set custom colors and change the size of the video

Source:. Flytube


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