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Review affordable 12 “tablet with a keyboard on Windows and Android, Chuwi Hi12 –

What:? Chuwi Hi12 – 12 ” tablet based on the Intel platform running Windows and Android with a keyboard unit
Where: On Gearbest – price? about $ 250 tablet, keyboard price of about $ 40
Intel Cherry Trail platform allows you to create flexible solutions that can work with Android, and with the standard Windows. Today it is found in the products of different formats, including transformers – devices that can act as a tablet and keyboard when connecting the unit to turn the laptop. One such model is Chuwi Hi12, which can be purchased for about $ 250 in China Intetnet stores. Another $ 40 to spend on proprietary docking keyboard with magnetic mount

Brief characteristics of the device:.

  • the operating system Android 5.1 and Windows 10 Home
  • quad-core processor Intel Atom x5-Z8300
  • touch 12 ” screen with IPS-matrix resolution of 2160×1440
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • fleshnakopitel 64 GB
  • support microSDHC
  • ports USB 2.0, USB 3.0, microHDMI, 3.5mm jack for headphones
  • connector for a docking station with keyboard
  • 2 megapixel camera and 5 megapixel
  • Wi-Fi (2,4 GHz), Bluetooth, BLE
  • microUSB port for charging
  • battery 11000 mA * h

With a set of delivery is nothing special did not invent. After all, a budget model. So here you will find only the tablet charger with a plug adapter requires, microUSB cable and some printed materials mainly Chinese

box in which all this is packed, very fine. It is made of sturdy cardboard, and the top cover is added inside an additional protective layer of a porous material. With all the keyboard is much easier – it comes in is clearly disposable cardboard box “without anything»


The device is based on the famous chip Intel Atom x5-Z8300.. It has four processing cores, clock speed can reach 1.84 GHz in Turbo Boost mode. RAM is not greedy. Although formal support processor only 2 GB, this device, due to a new modern chips, found twice – 4 GB. Of course, it will be useful for those who work with Windows.

Встроенный Hynix HCG8e drive interface eMMC has a capacity of 64 GB, which is good news for designed for two operating system of the device. In Android you 9.72 GB is available, of which 9.39 GB free. In Windows, the situation is better – the system disk has a capacity of 44.3 GB and 29.2 GB free him. Additionally, the tablet there is a slot for microSDHC memory cards. Also, do not forget about the USB ports.

Производительность drive relatively high – according CrystalDiskMark test reading speed exceeds 120 MB / s, and recording is performed at a speed of about 70 MB / s. MicroSDHC slot provided, and installed in his memory card does not protrude from the body and can be used continuously.

Встроенный in SoC graphics controller is able to decode the vast majority of modern video formats and can handle some gaming entry-level projects and / or past generations.

 The screen has a high enough resolution for its diagonal, so that the pixel density is 200 ppi. The real dimensions – 254×168 mm. Use a good matrix IPS, viewing angles are good, and the maximum brightness – 340 cd / m & amp; sup2, that relatively few

 Bright light in the summer on the street, use the tablet will be very difficult. Capacitive touch layer supports up to ten simultaneous touches. The basic version film screen is closed, given the format of the device, it is possible to leave it as a defense. Note that the brightness adjustment range is different in Windows and Android. In particular, the second operating system does not install at least 130 cd / m & amp;. Sup2

microHDMI Thanks to the port, the device can be connected to an external monitor or a large TV. But it would be better in terms of reliability is delivered full-sized port, or at least a version of “mini».

on the tablet case can be seen two full-sized USB ports – one 2.0 and one 3.0. So, if necessary, some of the drawbacks or limitations of the basic configuration, you can try to correct the connection of external devices

Wireless interfaces are a standard set -. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, sold controller Realtek RTL8723BS on the SDIO bus, which was announced two years ago. The first supports only the 2.4 GHz band and has only a single antenna, so that the maximum connection speed of 65, 72, 135 or 150 Mbit / c depending on the router and its settings. In general, this option looks very sad. The actual speed of the router Asus RT-AC68U four meters line of sight is 20-50 Mbit / s, depending on the direction and running. Removal of eight meter while adding in this case, a pair of barriers in walls virtually eliminates the normal use of the wireless connection – virtually speed dropped to megabits per second. Strange of course, that with such a large body could not realize the normal wireless antennas. Probably the thing in a choice of rear cover materials. As for Bluetooth, the advantages of note support BLE.

Of the sensors in the device there is only the accelerometer and the sensor position of the body in charge of rotating the image on the screen.

Device is equipped a pair of cameras – front 2 MP and 5 MP main with autofocus and no flash. Secured in a standard Windows program video quality – up to 720p30 and 1080p30, respectively (in reality, in Windows, we have turned the rollers with fps 15 fps). Program for Android uses a maximum 720p30 video for both cameras.

Tablet has two speakers, located at the bottom of the left and right end when viewed in the standard landscape orientation. Closes only when they are busy holding the tablet with two hands. Volume is enough for a medium-sized room, but the frequency range, as often happens in such equipment more suitable for video than for music.

Ironically, the standard connector 3.5mm mini jack allows you to work only with headphones, headset (microphone or rather in them) are not supported. Hole built-in microphone is in a common block connectors on the left side on top. No noise reduction technology course not. In a quiet environment sensitivity enough even for a couple of meters, but the recording quality is low, the sound is

«blind”. The website states that food is responsible for the battery capacity of 11,000 mAh. However, according to the diagnostic tools on the Android and Windows capacity is less. I do not understand to test the device has become, since in any case it is better to evaluate the real-time work than focus on the specification numbers.

Комплектный power supply and cable is not the impression device, really capable of providing the stated 2.5 A current. Not only is he a light unit, so more and specifications listed on it are not engraved or painted on the hull and on the label. Cable soft format “beam on the dollar».

But of course the big concern is the selected slot format. microUSB without a doubt the most popular today, but in this case (a large plate, high current, relatively low autonomy) would like to see, if not USB Type C, then at least the usual round plug.

surprising that some of the installed components do not differ modernity, including the battery, which is indicated for the production – fall 2014

As for the rest -. it is a traditional budget option with a minimum set of elements with a clear bias in the “cost optimization” final product. However, to solve the popular tasks, such as browsing the Internet, communicating, processing office documents, multimedia, and simple games it will be enough.

Appearance and easy to use

From Tablet PC with a diagonal of 12 ” difficult to require light weight and ease of transport. The case has dimensions Chuwi Hi12 300x202x9,5 mm and weight of 870 g Compare it to these parameters is not particularly to anyone. Pay only attention to the aspect ratio – 3: 2, which is repeated in the screen resolution

molded housing and its main part is made of aluminum. In our case, it was dull golden color with fine glossy bevel on the edge around the screen. Based on the information on the manufacturer’s website, available two-colored, possibly dark gray (with black border around the screen), and silver. Subjectively, it seems to touch the metal is soft and fine, though nothing bends and not loose. Located on one of the long edges of the power button and volume control are made of plastic and painted “in chrome.” Despite its relatively small size, convenient enough to use them. When placed on the dock, they will be at the top left.

On the front side around the screen is relatively wide in absolute frame. But for her it is convenient to hold a large device. In landscape view from the top in the center of the window is the front camera, left corner of the charge indicator (lights or flashes in red), right in the center – the Windows button (can also be used to unlock the device)

on the side of short ribs can be seen at the bottom of the lattice stereo . The advantage of this type of installation will be no blocking when placing the tablet on the table. All ports and slots are on the left side of the top of the rib. There are installed: headphone output, a microHDMI, full-size USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, memory card slot, microphone hole, microUSB charging

note that there are also signatures of all these elements. Comments are the standard – it was quite possible to use and more reliable option for the HDMI, not to mention the slot for the power supply, which, in contrast to an external display, will be used on a daily basis. The lower edge in the center has a special pad for the dock with keyboard and two holes for additional fastening.

Behind we see only the camera window and white paint applied the brand name, the Intel logo and information about the device.

Блок-клавиатура It is familiar from other similar Transformers design with a special hinge and connector. Note that the fixation is carried out using a magnetic latch, and the magnets have both the dock or on the tablet, so that should handle it carefully. The working part of the hinge is made of metal. Open the device with one hand of course will not work.

inside the keyboard, probably has more metal plates, but the user experience in notebook mode they affect slightly. Too much touched the touch screen – and the whole structure begins to wobble and may tip over. On my knees, too, especially not to work.

Материалы housing – plastic soft-touch. The color in this case is also the easiest way to describe the same word “gold”. There are four large white rubber feet, two swivel protrusion installed, and additional shock absorbers to protect the screen. The title of “dock” keyboard unit was due to the presence of two additional USB 2.0 ports located on the side ends. Several strange that all connectors are reversed.

Клавиатурный unit has a size and format that is used in the 13.3 ” laptops – six rows, the size of the main key – 15×16 mm, the top row and the arrow keys are compressed height, an additional function in the upper row. The buttons are made of white matte plastic. Apply them only English letters and various additional characters.

In general, to use the keyboard is convenient enough. But the touchpad seemed strange. Moreover, it is very wide, so also has two built-in high-profile keys, and often features weird reaction to user actions. could not adjust to it. Probably his behavior in Windows can be corrected by software.

unit Dimensions excluding joint constitute 300x203x12 mm, weight – 730 g Combined with the tablet we get 300x210x22 mm and 1.6 kg. Without a doubt, if you require is a laptop, it is better to look at other devices that are smaller and lighter and. Should such a compromise tablet mode – is difficult to say definitely. It seemed to us that it is not very.


As with other x86-based device, the tablet has a classic the BIOS, in the case of American Megatrends. It can be accessed in the usual way when you connect an external keyboard. Despite the abundance of setting points, in practice it may be useful, perhaps, only the boot device selection and some parameters of the processor.

Tablet has just two operating systems and can switch between them via a reboot. In this case, you can select the operating system to start screen, use the item «Boot to Windows» in Android Power menu or a special utility in Windows. The network can be found mention of the successful launch of a Linux device, but after solving some problems.

Android represented a” clean “version 5.1. No additional software is not installed on the device. The program menu has only sixteen icons, among which we note the presence of the Google Play Store, and File Manager.

Note that there is the menu item and OS updates, but at the moment exploring the developer device is nothing new not offered. The other installed operating systems – Windows 10 Home 64-bit edition. It, too, there is no additional software (except utility reboot into Android and drivers).

Note that both operating systems support the installation of the official Russian language interface standard means, so the problems with it will not.


Serve camera modules budget OV2680 and OV5648. The quality of the pictures quite sad.

In relatively good results can be expected only if there is sufficient lighting. With video and all very sadly. The following are examples produced in-house programs relevant operating systems with default settings. The first three pictures of the main chamber and one front were made in overcast conditions. The rest of the wilted -. In bright sunlight

On the other hand, to use the device as a camera of course strange because of its size, but for a variety of options presented by means of video enough


used in the tablet platform is not new, and the level of its performance is known. The presence of 4 GB RAM on the actual speed of the effect is small, but it can improve the responsiveness when multitasking usage. The device is able to cope with such massive tasks as working with office documents, media viewing, Internet, simple games, simple photo editing and other applications that do not require large computational resources.

Perhaps the most in this case is most interesting the question of how effective the cooling system provided by the manufacturer. You can check this by using a stress test AIDA64 package.
As we can see, after half an hour with a maximum load of any negative impact on performance is observed. Processor cores running at 1.6 GHz, their maximum temperature is less than 80 degrees. Note that in this test, was noticeable slight heat in the upper left corner of the housing. Just there is a printed circuit board plate.

About the speed of the drive and a wireless network adapter we wrote above. So for Windows give here only the tests of memory and GPGPU of AIDA64 and some results in integral benchmarks Futuremark.

In general, the rate of PCMark8 device similar to other models on this platform, such as Chuwi Hi8 Pro. But in 3DMark has a noticeable lag on the tablet in most tests.


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