Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Android has its own account on Instagram – InternetUA

Android now has its own account on Instagram

One of the main rules of marketing of the company is to be where is the target audience. And today, people actively use social networks. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that most of the brands today, open their groups, pages, accounts. And Facebook, and Snapchate, Google+ and many others.

However, the main platforms are still Facebook, Twitter and more recently Instagram and (forward eager also Snapchat). Surprisingly, the Android mobile operating system still didn’t have an account in Instagram. Now there is. First published on Google @Android six positions, four images and two videos.

What advertising? Google Pixel, Nexus 6Ps, Pixel C, Android Wear, talking about Android Auto and Android Pay. What will be the activity in this instagram’e, to judge while early.



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