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OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Android Chinese or Korean? – (press release) (Registration)

Updated the “flagship killer” OnePlus 3T looks good on the background of the latest iPhone, but how will he feel in a battle with the peers? Samsung Galaxy S7 edge also is an advanced Android smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer and do not mind to stand out against competitor. Compare their capabilities.


OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Android Chinese or Korean 2

a Slight difference in length, width and height did not prevent to say that the manufacturers of both smartphones used usable space to the maximum. No extra “heads”, “chins” and thick trim around the screen.

2 – the weight and structure

no user will notice the difference in weight of both devices, as their weight is 158 and 157 gram for OnePlus 3T and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, respectively. But the structure is slightly different. If OnePlus 3T offers the body entirely from aluminum, the competitor created from aluminum and glass.

3 – color

OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Android Chinese or Korean 3

Dark grey and gold are the colors for OnePlus 3T. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will offer silver, black, gold and blue color palette.

4 – display

OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Chinese or Korean Android 4

the size of the display in both smartphones is the same and is 5.5 inches. But the resolution is Full HD with a density of 401 pixel per inch and QHD with a density of 534 pixels per inch the other. Type of panel is also the same – AMOLED. But Samsung Galaxy S7 edge boasts and is curved on both sides of the screen.

5 water resistance

Not afraid of water in this pair can only Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The depth of the order of meters, a heavy downpour, bathing and washing hands are not afraid of him.


OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Chinese or Korean Android 5

As the flagship of the South Korean manufacturer left a little earlier, the processor he got older. And though it is also Quad-core new Snapdragon 821 10 percent faster, as they say impartial tests.

7 – memory

6 GB RAM offers OnePlus 3T, and the competitor agreed at the time, only 4 GB of RAM.

8 – internal memory

64 or 128 GB are the storage options will offer you the OnePlus 3, and a removable memory card it does not support. South Korean opponent will offer you versions 32, 64 and 128 GB and will allow you to insert a memory card.

9 camera

OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Android Chinese or Korean 6

according to the paper, the OnePlus 3T offers camera much better. But not from one the number of megapixels determines the quality of personnel. So what more can be said only after comparison in practice. While it is known only that in low-light conditions the S7 edge will do more high-quality content.

10 – battery

Both phones have an impressive battery: 3400 mAh and 3600. Also both offer quick charging. S7 edge will offer wireless charging if you buy the dock.

11 – fingerprint sensors

the Front sensor to determine the fingerprint will offer both.

12 – virtual reality

now the Important factor is the absence or headset support virtual reality. And here all is simple: Gear VR only works with the S7 edge and other flagships of the company. The competitor although there are all the necessary components to manage additional worlds, the manufacturer has not yet found support for their devices.

13 – soft

OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Chinese or Korean Android 7

In terms of upgrading the operating system to the beginner market OnePlus 3T was more fortunate. The update to Android Nougat he will get faster than the competitor, who is still satisfied with the version of the Marsmallow. Both smartphones also have the original shell. In the case of OnePlus 3T is actually its own operating system based on the Nougat.

14 release, price and output

the time Interval between competitors is approximately six months. OnePlus 3T appeared on the market just recently in November 2016 at the initial price at 439 $ , and Galaxy S7 edge came out in March 2016 at a starting price of around 790 $ . As can be seen, the difference in price is significant and of $ 351 . For the money, you get water resistance, a curved screen with the best picture quality and support virtual reality (Gear VR headset will have to spend another 99 $ ), and a more capacious battery, and support for wireless charging (the dock for it, too, will have to take separately). Also in the case of the South Korean manufacturer offers more than a beautiful building (but not so practical), and support for removable memory cards. Out of competition, it is worth Recalling that it is able to determine the pulse of the owner. But you get less RAM, older processor, camera with fewer megapixels (about the quality of photos is not talking), not-so-new software and the feeling that I spent too much money on the phone.

Author: Stepan Mazur

Original photo: newatlas


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