Friday, November 11, 2016

Android smartphones may become more expensive because of claims of the European Commission to Google Вести.Ru

the Ban Google to distribute their apps on Android smartphones in a single batch may lead to more expensive devices. It hinted at a senior Google Vice President for legal Affairs Ken Walker in the official blog of the company.

Walker’s Text is the official response of the search engine put forward by the European Commission informed of the charges. A preliminary investigation of the antitrust agencies of the EU showed that Google uses its dominant position in the market of mobile OS (Android has about 90% of smartphones worldwide) to strengthen its position in the search market.

the company, according to the European Commission, deliberately distributes its application as a single package, pre-installed on Android devices. Moreover, device manufacturers are allowed to install it only if the Google search is set on the machine default search engine. Not to put ON Google you can, but then the manufacturer would have to install is Google Play one of the alternative app stores, the range in which, as a rule, much poorer.

Walker argues that Android does not prevent competition, but rather contributes to it. "Android is the most flexible of the existing mobile platforms that support a balance between the interests of producers and thousands of operators, millions of application developers and more than a billion users, says Walker. – If you upset this balance, prices will rise and innovation, choice and competition will suffer. It will be bad not only for us. It will be bad for the whole ecosystem and, most importantly, consumers."

Recall, the Russian Federal Antimonopoly service has recognized Google a company that abuses its dominant position in the market, and has appointed the company to a fine of 438 million rubles. The investigation began with the filing of "Yandex" the company is not satisfied that the producers, citing the requirements of Google, refuse to preinstall on your Android device apps and services, Russian search engine. To challenge the decision of Google failed. In November, FAS has written the American Google Inc. and its Irish subsidiary, Google Ireland Limited fines of 500 thousand rubles each for failure to comply with the search requirements.

Source: Google blog


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