Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Google will allow Android users to practice magic Portal Naked Science

In anticipation of the release of the film “Fantastic beasts and where they live” Google in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures has launched a special promotion. Now, for example, by saying “Ok Google” along with potaninskiy spell “Lumos” or “Nox”, it is possible to enable or disable flashlight on the gadget. Also with the help of “magic” you can set your device in silent mode – this residual can say “Silencio”.


the Film “Fantastic beasts and where they live” tells the adventures of a zoologist newt Salamander, which deals with the classification of magical beasts and creatures.

in addition, thanks to Google Street View the ability to “walk” through the new York sample in 1926 as in this city and in this period of unfolding events of the “Fantastic creatures”. Fans of Harry Potter can visit several key locations of the film.


Similar thematic proposals appeared in other services. For example, in the messenger Google Allo coming soon labels set “Fantastic beasts”.

the Premiere of the film “Fantastic beasts and where they live” will be held in November 2016. The main role in it played the winner of the award “Oscar” Eddie Redmayne.


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