Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows appeared video calls – Вести.Ru

the Facebook-Owned WhatsApp messenger ready to compete with Microsoft’s Skype and Apple’s FaceTime to communicate via the Internet "face-to-face". Representatives of the service announced that in the coming days, video calls will become available on all major mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

This will allow to more than a billion users of instant messenger to conduct video chats as simple as they use the telephone. Earlier, WhatsApp was available only to messaging (text and multimedia) and voice calls. To start a video call, open a chat with a specific user, click on the icon in the handset, and then in the appeared menu, select video call:

In WhatsApp say they’ve developed a new function in such a way that it has worked without problems including budget smartphones and low quality of cellular communication. Of course, the maximum quality transmission of image and sound you can achieve when connected via a fast wifi or LTE.

In WhatsApp took myself to the development and improvement of new features a lot of time. Video calls are already implemented in most competing products, including Skype (owned by Microsoft), FaceTime (Apple), Viber, Google Hangouts, LINE, recently launched the Google Duo, and several others. But WhatsApp, unlike those services, not only available on three mobile platforms, but works even on older versions of iOS and Android. For example, to run need Duo Google Android version 4.2 or higher, or iOS 9 or higher.

a New feature that promises to WhatsApp, it should make all users in the next few days.

Source: CNET


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