Thursday, November 10, 2016

Google has denied allegations by the EC in abuse for Android – Kommersant

Google has denied accusations by the European Commission (EC) abuse of dominant position on the market of applications for mobile devices operating system (OS) Android, developed by Google. “In April the European Commission issued a statement in which he expressed concern about how the Android system is compatible with various systems, and how we distribute their applications. Today we sent a reply which demonstrated how the Android system allows to take into account the balance of interests between users, developers, manufacturers and operators of mobile networks. Android has not restricted competition in Europe, but rather expanded it”,— quotes blog Google the refutation of the claims of the EC to the co mpany’s Vice-President for legal matters of the company Kent Walker.

Mr. Walker rejected the EC argument that Android is not competing in the market with Apple OS — iOS. “Even in the survey of the market conducted by the European Commission, 89% of respondents confirmed that Android and Apple competitors,” said Kent Walker. In his opinion, the denial of competition between the two operating systems contradict the presence of competition in the smartphone market as a whole. Signs of competition he called “the rapid development of innovation, a wide range of products and declining prices.”

Kent Walker has warned of the dangers of an open system for app developers, which in this case will have to do multiple versions of applications for different versions of the same OS. “To solve this problem, we, together with the equipment manufacturers try to establish a minimum level of compatibility with Android devices. Our agreement on the compatibility of guess the variety, but give confidence to developers that they have created applications will work correctly on thousands of different phones and tablets,” said Mr Walker.

“the Commission argues that we should not offer to install Google apps package. None of the producers are not obliged to download apps on Google Android phones,” continued the Vice-President of Google, noting that such packages provide both the Android competitors — Apple’s iPhone and Windows mobile from Microsoft. He noted that the package is free and programs do not take up much space. “The user may remove any of our applications at any time. And definitely, mobile device manufacturers can preinstall the apps of competitors along with ours. This means that there is no infringement of competition,” said Kent Walker.

As reported by “Kommersant”, the European antitrust regulator can fine the company Google, which includes Google for abuse of dominant position in the market. European authorities require that the company ceased to encourage smartphone manufacturers to preinstall them in Google Search and other Google applications.

the Investigation of the European Commission started once in 2013, a lawsuit was filed by a lobby group FairSearch, which was supported by companies who feared that the dominant position of Google may harm fair market competition.

read More about the case read in the material “Kommersant” “the European Commission brought charges against Google”.


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