Sunday, November 13, 2016

Android device can become more expensive FINANCE.UA

Google is concerned that an Android device can appreciate.

the Company reported the entry in the official blog, which warns that if the European Commission (EC) will continue to accuse the company of unfair competition and will be obliged to change the approach to work with Android, this will lead to higher prices for the device.

Google said that its pre-installed apps on smartphones, manufacturers can offer a variety of services free of charge.

"the Proliferation of such products as Google Search is bundled with Google Play, allows us to offer the entire set FOR free instead of asking for his royalties. It lowers prices for smartphone manufacturers and consumers, but still allows us to constantly invest in Android and Play," said Google.

the EC may disrupt the balance between free producers, and the benefits to Google that will lead to braking of development of open platforms, the list of which is Android, said the company.

the Company did not specify how much the prices will change, but reminded that now the smartphones are available even for the European market of smartphones launched in the price segment from € 45. If the EC would oblige the company to not distribute the application packet, the prices of end devices will go up, sure Google.

Preinstall apps from Google on smart phones software development companies is not mandatory, despite the results of the investigation of the EC, shall be certified by the blog. The search giant promised to maximally cooperate with the EC.

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