Monday, November 14, 2016

Hacked Android, macOS and Windows 10 – news Hi-Tech

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In Seoul was hosted a hacking contest PwnFest 2016, in which different groups and individual hackers have shown off their skills.

Chinese group of hackers Qihoo 360 took just one minute to hack the Google Pixel. The hack was carried out via a zero-day vulnerability in the Chrome browser. They remotely got full control over the device, including the ability to run Google Play store and make it purchases of any content. Google will pay hackers a reward and said that within a day discovered in the browser bug has been fixed. However, once the hackers so easily bypassed protection Google Pixel, it is not excluded that they again will be able to crack this smartphone.

Smartphones Pixel inherited in Nexus devices will also receive the unprecedented durability of protection. This is possible due to the fact that they have the newest version of Android with a built-in tool for recognition of malicious code and hacker attacks. As you can see, this protection does not always work.


In early November 2016 head of Android security Adrian Ludwig spoke at the conference O’reilly Security and said that Google Pixel and iPhone equally well protected against hacking and hacker attacks. According to Ludwig, Android’s built-in instrument Safety Net performs daily remote scans of approximately 400 million smartphones and tablets by scanning about 6 billion install and run applications. In addition, Google releases monthly security patches of Android, but they reach only to a small portion of devices: mostly new models Pixel, and also flagship smartphones released by major brands.

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Earlier this year, hacker team Keen spoke at the Pwn2Own competition and broke the updated Nexus 6P. To do this, hackers used a combination of two exploits for Android, and then took advantage of several vulnerabilities in the operating system. The reward for the hacking amounted to 100 thousand dollars.


On the PwnFest competition this year was hacked and other popular products. So, the above mentioned group Qihoo 360 in 4 seconds hacked Adobe Flash Player using one of the previously unknown vulnerabilities, and demonstrated the hacking Windows 10 through Microsoft Edge update 1 Redstone. For their achievements in this competition the team received a total of about half a million dollars.

Other hackers from China, are members of the Pangu group, demonstrated a method of hacking Apple Safari on updated versions of macOS Sierra. It took them only 20 seconds.


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