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LeEco Le 2 and Xiaomi Redmi 3S – leaders of the rating failures for Android devices- Mobiltelefon.Ru

November 19, 2016, 13:16

a Global study conducted Blannco Technology Group for the III quarter of 2016, found the most fragile devices on Android and iOS, and identified the percentage of problematic devices for each of the two platforms. First observation: the share of iOS devices with different challenges significantly higher than that of gadgets on Android – 62% vs. 47% . The list of the ten most unstable gadgets to iOS head iPhone 6 (13% of failures), iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S (9% of the number of failures). Interestingly, the “old” iPhone 4S turned out to be much more stable, occupying only 2% of the problematic devices, Apple. New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the ranking to get did not.

Not less curious is the situation with Android smartphones. Problem among Android devices in the first place is occupied devices of Samsung (11% of failures), which is logical, if you look at their market share. Followed by Xiaomi (4%) and Lenovo (3%). But the statistics of the models shows that the most unstable smartphone running Android is LeEco Le2 (13% of total failures). Second place is shared by the Xiaomi Redmi Redmi Note 3S and 3, each of which is for 9% of all Android devices with different challenges. “Top” also got the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (5%), Lenovo Vibe Vibe Note K5 and K5 Plus (4% and 3%), and the short list from Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 (2% and 1%, respectively).

This study covers both software bugs (fixed the bugs and crashes of applications) and hardware issues (heat, loss of network signal, etc.). Statistics on specific issues is applied in the diagrams below:


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