Monday, November 21, 2016

Google abandons Android 2.3 Gingerbread in 2017 (press release) (Registration)

Surprisingly, it’s been six years since then, as Google has released the Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”. And the world still have devices that run on this old operating system, refusing to upgrade to newer versions for several reasons.

According to statistics from Google for devices that are connected to the Play Store, about 1.3 percent of all Android devices still running on Gingerbread.

But as you know, many programs require newer versions of the operating system, and soon you’ll need Android 4.0 or later, if you want to access the latest version of Google Play.

Google says version 10.0.0 will be the last to support Android 2.3. And from the beginning of 2017, these devices will need to upgrade to Android 4.0.1 or later access to Google Play.

This means that Android 3.x “Honeycomb” falls out of the scope of services. And these systems were placed on old tablets.

Developers who will continue to use the version 10.0.0, will have the opportunity to make sure their apps continue to work on devices running Android 2.3. But if the developers want to use Play Services 10.2 or later, they will have to abandon support for Gingerbread. And along with Honeycomb.

So if you refrain from switching to a new phone in the last 5+ years, now there may come a tipping point and will have to do it, or you can be offline from the Google library.

Author: Stepan Mazur

Original photo: liliputing


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