Friday, November 4, 2016

Android smartphones took a record market share – Polical – exclusive news


  • 04.11.2016, 10:12,
  • Science and technology

  • Smartphones are gaining rapid momentum, taking a record share of the world market. At this time, the share of iOS in the world market, as well as iPhone shipments continued to decline.

    In the third calendar quarter of this year, the share of Android devices has reached almost 88%, while iOS remained behind with a score of 12.1%. In the past few months, the volume sold gadgets on the Android OS are 326,6 million. Apple had implemented all of 45.5 million iPhone.
    strengthening the position of Android OS is due to all of the main competitors platform. iOS from Apple is much inferior to Android due to poor sales in Africa and China.
    Apple sells their devices at a higher price, but this time Google gives the opportunity for any smartphone manufacturer to use Android in the flagship devices and gadgets entry-level. For this reason, emerges a huge difference in totals between competitors.


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