Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Android vs Apple: Scientists have figured out which users are more modest – BAFS “the Economy today”

the Researchers found that users of Apple smartphones do not differ modesty, what can be said about users of devices running on the Android platform.

Android vs Apple: Scientists have found which users modest
Android Users have been modest Amateur

Scientists have shared the results of the study on the pages of the Daily Mail. According to them, the smartphone, it turns out, you can learn a lot about its owner.

So, in particular, they concluded that the users of gadgets that run on iOS, i.e. Apple products are mostly extroverts and try to emphasize their social status. Moreover, according to them, the main buyers of the iPhone and other Apple technology – young girls.

as for users of different smartphones running on Android, they are, according to the researchers, are the complete opposite of Apple lovers. Their main qualities they attributed the modesty and complaisance. The buyers are mainly attributed to men and the older generation.

it is Worth Recalling that previously, scientists also found that the use of smartphones can be dangerous for men.

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