Thursday, November 10, 2016

Contactless payment Android Pay will work in Russia to 2017

On the Russian market of contactless payments is getting crowded

the device is an Android will appear in Russia in 2017 and will provide the possibility of contactless payments, the majority of owners of Android-smartphones in the country, reported RIA Novosti with reference to the words of the Director of business development and digital payments, Mastercard payment system in Russia Michael Fedoseyev.

contactless payments Service Android Pay is a direct competitor recently came to Russia Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay is available to a limited number of owners of certain models of Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S7 and S6 edge, edge+, Galaxy note 5 case, Galaxy A5 and A7 2016 release. Samsung Pay earned in Russia on September 29 with Mastercard, its partners are Alfa-Bank, VTB 24, MTS, Raiffeisenbank, Bank “Russian standard” and “Yandex”.

Apple Pay, earned Russia from October 4, support offline payments at stores using smartphones iPhone SE iPhone 6 and more new models and Apple Watch. For payment confirmation it is necessary to put the finger to Touch ID (reads fingerprint) device.

Service Android Pay will allow you to use contactless payments to owners of Android-based smartphones without reference to the brand of the manufacturer, as is the case with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

“next year will come Android Pay, which involves the use of different brands of phones. The number of people, the coverage will expand significantly. We would like it to be versatile. A huge number of them — Sony, LG, other. We believe that the combination of all the technologies will allow to provide the majority of smartphone owners the option to pay with phones, not very important, which he will have a phone because he will use tokenization to make secure payments”, — said Mikhail Fedoseev.

Extra payment to the Bank is not a hindrance

Mastercard say about the popularity in Russia recently launched services Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. According to Fedoseyev, people begin to pay phones where not pay before cards: “In General terms I can say that people who use Samsung Pay, an Apple Pay make a number of transactions as a whole more than others, based on the fact that starting to pay the phone where not previously paid, for example, in the subway. That is, people become interested to use this tool in other categories, where before it wasn’t.”

the device is an Android

Limiting the growth of contactless payments with phones is currently a lack of dissemination terminals with support for such technologies. In addition, access to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay until they have, mainly the owners of quite expensive smartphones to Apple and Samsung, so the emergence of Android Pay is in some sense able to “democratize” the market.

“We believe that the more payment methods, the worse the cache. The more payment methods the more convenient for the customer and the less he has thoughts to go and withdraw cash for something. This variability is decisive. All trends in the market suggests that the share of cash reduced quickly enough. While this process is just beginning and it changes by hundreds of thousands, the percentage only grows every day, every day we see quite a dramatic change in the direction of increasing. But most of the operations is a major city, where the technologies she are the owners of expensive phones,” said Fedoseyev.


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