Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Chinese company reads users ‘ messages, Android Androidinsider (press release) (Blog)


Our smartphones know about the owners an awful lot. Unfortunately, most of us don’t even notice how your smartphone will transmit the information to the wrong hands. The New York Times recently published a horrifying story that undermines the credibility of many smartphones running Android. There are at least three manufacturer’s devices were found ON which to track the user.

we are Talking about the preinstalled software that sends information about your location, your messages, call list and contacts to servers located in China. Please note that the software is pre-installed. In other words, we’re not talking about the virus, which you can find on the Internet. Some users of Android-smartphone buy spyware along with your smartphone.

the Author is Shanghai Adups Technology Company. According to them, their authorship code runs more than 700 million smart devices, including smartphones and cars. The information is sent to the company’s servers every 72 hours. It is unclear whether it is done with the aim of tracking users or for advertising purposes. Adups say, that it designed specifically for Chinese manufacturers of smartphones and it helps to better understand the tastes of customers.

Primarily we are talking about smartphones companies Huawei and ZTE. The Adups website says that the company creates for these manufacturers. The code is not designed to work outside of China, but you know how quickly the world apply today Chinese smartphones. Moreover, the trouble has affected the us smartphone maker BLU. The company discovered spyware on 120 thousands of their smartphones and deactivated it.

One of the researchers of the company Kryptowire purchased a smartphone BLU R1 HD. He immediately discovered that his text messages were sent to the server in Shanghai, which is owned by the company Adups. This information was transmitted to the government of the United States. The manufacturer of smartphones was not aware of what is happening and quickly solved the problem. In turn, Adups said that all the data of smartphone owners BLU was removed. And how do they do with user data ZTE and Huawei? And what other smartphones can send our messages to the Chinese servers? Main question – can you trust Chinese smartphones that so many like today?


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