Monday, November 28, 2016

Professor of cryptography compared the security of iOS and Android

android_fde regularly published materials about new security threats, faced by huge number Android users. The main problem with Android smartphones is the inability to quickly update and apply patches. However, even if you compare a fresh version of Android with iOS, it becomes clear that problems have more than one. What do Matthew green, a cryptography Professor from Johns Hopkins University.

Android Devices Nougat 7.0, the latest version OS from Google, use full disk encryption, which is very good, but, unfortunately, does not protect them from hacking and data access. When the screen is locked with a password, access to some files is still possible, since the encryption key is stored in the device memory. To such conclusion came from Matthew green.

Further, while Apple offers 4 levels of protection for developers in the Android Nougat 2, and applications are still vulnerable. Conclusion Professor cryptography sounds sad for Android users. According to him, though, and Android is moving in the right direction, this OS is still not resolved the problem that Apple has decided six years ago.


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