Sunday, November 20, 2016

Select the application to configure and optimize the system on android devices: CCleaner, Speed Booster, as well as the results of the consideration of the seven … –

Rating in Google Play
the Number of downloads in Google Play
10 000 000-50 000 000
application Compatibility with other versions of the Android OS
4.0.3 and up
Size distribution
5 MB
Version of applications
in-app Purchases
89.95 rubles per unit

Main features:

  • Clean up application cache, download folders, browser history, the clipboard contents and much more.
  • Ability to delete the logs of calls and SMS messages one by one, all, or contacts;
  • Quick unloading from memory of background processes;
  • Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU time;
  • Displaying battery level and battery temperature.


in-app Purchases;

History of device usage and application:

  • Get data about running applications;
  • Viewing bookmarks and search history.


  • View contacts
  • Changing contacts.


  • View SMS and MMS;
  • Change SMS and MMS.


  • View call history;
  • Obtaining data on the status of the phone;
  • edit the call log.


  • view the data on a USB drive;
  • Modify/delete data on the USB drive.


  • view the data on a USB drive;
  • Modify/delete data on the USB drive.

Data about the Wi-Fi connection service:

  • View Wi-Fi connections.

device ID and call information:

  • Obtaining data on the status of the phone.


  • View network connections;
  • communication with Bluetooth devices;
  • Clearing cache of application;
  • Compute the amount of memory applications;
  • Unlimited access to the Internet;
  • Closing other applications;
  • Launch the device is switched on;
  • Prevent the device from entering sleep mode;
  • edit bookmarks and search history.

First impression

Externally, the CCleaner has not changed, however, the concept of interface has been redesigned to material design. Top load values in ROM and RAM below button to scan the device for any problems, that is, automatic analysis of the system when you first launch the app no longer happens.

253x450 26 KB. Big one: 720x1280 59 KB

still here and the sidebar on the left. Here, in addition to the app Manager, system information, now there is a scheduler and cleaning, however, this pleasure is available only for users of the pro version, which will cost 89,95 rubles (price current at the time of this writing). Yes, put apparently CCleaner free optimizer, although automatic cleanup is possible and to be ruined.

253x450 16 KB. Big one: 720x1280 37 KB 253x450 36 KB. Big one: 720x1280 81 KB
253x450 36 KB. Big one: 720x1280 81 KB 253x450 45 KB. Big one: 720x1280 105 KB

Also, changed system information, which has become more. So, now available to display the CPU load in real time load indication from the user applications and the system. In addition, the available data on the load of RAM and a flash drive.

253x450 25 KB. Big one: 720x1280 64 KB 253x450 31 KB. Big one: 720x1280 83 KB

Options include the analysis of the device, where now you can choose specifically what to scan, for example, you can activate work with WhatsApp and disable clear cache in Google Maps. Yes, supports instant messengers also implemented.

253x450 44 KB. Big one: 720x1280 94 KB 253x450 39 KB. Big one: 720x1280 84 KB

similarly configured and the widget quick cleaning.

253x450 24 KB. Big one: 720x1280 55 KB

there was the ability to add specific files and folders for regular cleaning, which is very convenient. While reminders about the optimization may appear every 24 hours, three days or every week. However, no one bothers them at all to disable.

253x450 36 KB. Big one: 720x1280 85 KB 253x450 13 KB. Big one: 720x1280 31 KB

well, it remains only to check how efficiently was the work of the optimizer.


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