Friday, November 4, 2016

Almost 90% of smartphones currently run under Android

by far the most popular operating systems for smartphones are Apple’s iOS and Android, developed by Google. If you choose among these two systems is the undisputed leader, so today is Android, according to figures provided by Strategy Analytics.

Data from this study show that 87.5% of the world market of smartphone has the Android platform, i.e., every 9 out of 10 smartphones run on Android. Moreover, the number of Android phones compared to the previous year increased by 10,3% and amounted to 328,6 million.

a number of phones produced by the company Apple decreased by 5.2% and in the world today there are about 45.5 million These data confirm that at Apple, fixing the decline in sales of their phones for the third quarter in a row. In fairness, it should be noted that the Apple smartphones are same type and are produced only by one manufacturer.

In this regard, the Android devices have the advantage of releasing their many different companies, so every buyer can find a model to taste: from budget phones to high-end models manufactured with the latest technology. This suggests that the gap in the number of phones on one or the other OS will tend to increase. Of course, if Google for some reason decides to stop licensing Android to third-party smartphone manufacturers.


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